So, I've been vegan for a little over four months, and decided that yesterday was my first official vegan day. I'm aware of a lot of what to look for in food in order to keep animal products out, but I wanted to ask if there were any specific names for milk and eggs (or anything else for that matter) that is something to be looking for. I don't mean things as simple as whey or anything, but tthe more complicated names that are commonly seen.

Anyone have anything for me so I can keep myself as good as possible on my shopping trips? (;

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look for "whey" or "lactos" are other words for milk. Look for glycerin in products. Also make a habit of checking all new products ingredients even if you think its obviously vegan.... because you would be surprised. I remember looking for soy yogurt and finally finding one and I was like "woot!" and then I read the ingredients and it had milk in it too I was like "wth whats the point of your existence!!!!" same story with an artificial cheese lasagna I found once had some whey product in it.

I guess things I learned fast is....

1. you pretty much can't eat any pastries (except for some danishes) unless you make it yourself.

2. People sneak animals ingredients in the craziest things so I always check even if I think I know there's nothing in it.

3. Usually milk and eggs are listed in bold at the end of the ingredients list so its easier to check the end before scanning the entire list. (but that doesn't mean you shouldn't look through the whole list)

4. When it comes to baking in place of eggs, 1/4 cup of applesauce or half a banana. Those two are my best friends, they make the best pancakes, muffins and cookies. But if you want it to rise and fluffify you have to add a pinch or two or three of baking powder.

and if I think of any more hints or tips I'll let you know. =)

I'm starting a rule where if I don't know what the ingredient is, I won't eat it. Gah that's going to be hard, lol. I know 'gelatin' is one- I was so shocked to learn about that, and that things as common as Frosted Wheats have gelatin in them, which is basically animal blood/tissue.

gelatin isn't blood and tissue its bone and cartilage

"Gelatin is a mixture of peptides and proteins produced by partial hydrolysis of collagen extracted from the skin, boiled crushed bones, connective tissues, organs and some intestines of animals such as domesticated cattle, chicken, and pigs."

"If you can't read it, you should'nt eat it"   One of my golden rules as well :)

READ INGREDIENT LABELS...Marketing has a way of making you think you are getting what you want, then you get home and read the label only to find it say, "Isolated Milk Proteins"  when they claimed to be a No Milk product.   Whey and Lactose free are still dairy.  The applesauce is good to replace butter with cooking, but for eggs try flaxseed meal, 1 TSP mix with 3 TSP water and let sit 1 min.  Coconut oil is my butter replacement for everything!  Cooking, baking, even on toast.  Trader Joes has orgainic 100% Coconut Jars for $6.99.  Otherwise, it can be really pricey!  Cook with soy or Almond milk, Bake with Coconut or rice milk.  Watch grams of sugar in EVERYTHING.  4 grams equals 1 tsp per serving.  and NO HFCS or corn syrup please!!!

Peet's coffee does make VEGAN pastries, as well as the Whole Foods Bakery with several vegan and raw food desserts :)  Happy Shopping, plan on giving yourself TWICE the amount of time to finish with all the label reading

I've actually been able to find coconut juice at the dollar tree near my house, so, it's a dollar. I haven't tried it, yet, but, it's always something to look at, later. I've found soy milk there, too!

NICE on the dollar store score!  Check the expiration dates on foods purchased there tho.  No FDA approval law on that kinda stuff.  Coconut juice, coconut water and coconut oil...all very different substances used for different things.  But that's half the fun, trying new things :)

casein is in a lot of products *pretending* to be vegan--but it's a milk derivative

Or...if you skip the pre-packaged stuff, and make your own everything- you won't have to worry! I've only been vegan for over a month, but the only stuff i eat out of a package are my kamut cakes, and almond milk... :)

Look out for Disodium inosinate, Disodium guanylate, Monoglyceride or Mono- and diglycerides. Those are just a few of the less simple ones that I know of. I'm sure there's more!  

Switching to a  vegan path is a path of study no doubt. That's part of the fun.


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