Frankly its disturbing that some men on here seem to be on this website for prowling. 

A lot of women and girls have been targeted, making incredibly disturbing insinuations and I think enough is enough.

There are some really young females on here and they shouldn't have to deal with this kind of crap.

I'm hoping that this discussion brings about some kind of positiveness and prevents something bad from happening.

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I agree. I've had at least 4 different women tell me that they are regularly harrassed by certain men on this site, including one that left because she felt to uncomfortable about it.

I think there needs to be a process of reporting this and then a moderator dealing with it effectively. To me, it sounds like it's becoming more and more of a problem, including things getting out of control in the main chat room as well.

It's good to have the members self regulate, but when you have underage young adults on here, that may become a serious issue.

A report button would be great! I've had a tad bit of a problem, but I've chosen to ignore it. Definitely, a report button is what would be needed. Then anyone who is doing it can get kicked from the website and warned and it can filter the website a little to keep it nice and cleaned of perverts and prowlers.

thank you for starting this discussion topic. I think we must make a place to report them. I will make one. Do any of you have any idea?

A place to report them sounds good but it's probably best to keep the reporting private as people might not come forward otherwise. 

one similar site had a report button. maybe like the report an issue button. a place for someone to privately state what is going on and by whom.

Perhaps there should be a system in place with warning,infractions and eventually a dismissal from this site.

this sounds good, but before this, there ought to be some board guidelines in place which guide the users about what the site is for and what it is not.

that is only fair.  discussion is a learning process and not everyone discusses the same way and not everyone is offended in the same way. 

heavy moderation can turn into borderline totalitarianism.  so guidelines are needed that not only members should follow but also mods and admins if they are involved in discussions.  

so far, I have been here for only two days, and noticed nothing bad. I assumed some type of moderation was going on to keep out weirdness.  so far so could as far as my experience has been, although, there is no censor for cussing on the chat group, which i was surprised at because I haven't seen that before elsewhere, but i also don't spend much time in chat groups.

I am in favor of clean and wholesome discussions.  No reason that we should all be Catholic though.


That is no excuse for unacceptable, unwanted behavior.


I agree, there must be some sort of way to report such a behaviour. There are too many minors in here for the community to just regulate itself. So many communities can deal with it and have moderators, so why not this one? 

Let's get more of the right people in :)

Thanks for pointing this out.  I am a happily married woman in my 40's and even I  have been "approached" if you will.  I know how to shut it down nice way.  But the younger women are vulnerable and we need this to be a safe place.  Be careful and respectful of what you say, who you friends and why.  I don't like to feel like I have creepy-creepers to look out for.  Let's keep it one big happy VEGGIE family...


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