Frankly its disturbing that some men on here seem to be on this website for prowling. 

A lot of women and girls have been targeted, making incredibly disturbing insinuations and I think enough is enough.

There are some really young females on here and they shouldn't have to deal with this kind of crap.

I'm hoping that this discussion brings about some kind of positiveness and prevents something bad from happening.

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First, of all i did not miss the point, i carefully considered the predator victim relationship. Second, of all the only suggestion i can offer up besides kicking them out is a block button. Third, why is this group tolerating it anyway??? I come here to learn, debate and gain more insight on our community which is multi-diversified in not only race, religion and orientation but also how they perceive an animal free diet. e.g.  At one point i did not even eat honey or yeast. I agree unwanted sexual advances should never be tolerated. Then you need rules. Us as members need to notify some one ,..who??? You need to enforce those rules regardless. You nee a moderator or some judicial body to make the decision to oust or black list them. At this point we are now moving away from the our goal which i thought was to grow as vegetarians. Men statistically more than likely are the culprits. Do you only want a female only vegetarian group? In my world, unwanted sexual advances made by an adult to a minor are moving to criminal once the adult is aware of the victims status. Should law enforcement be notified?  I agree that it should not be tolerated however as a spectator member what can i do but suggest??  Kick them out if you don't like their way,...hell,.. kick me's cool. :)

OP of this comment was comparing this whole thing to "censorship", which is why his point is off-topic. Derailing the conversation at hand (the original OP) to somehow make it about censorship does nothing to help the situation.

Hmmmmmmmmm.  I do not want to make people feel uncomfortable. I do not know what to do about people who either do so on purpose or do so while not realizing it.....except shoot em in the head. i could learn how to hypnotize them but that's too expensive.and perhaps i myself may find you attractive (truth) and have to  shoot myself in the head which i won't soooooo guess you will have to deal with it. I think the best thing is to humiliate them or better than that block them. You can not be politically correct with the enemy, Call me out....that's what it's about.

The thing is, calling out or telling someone off has not been effective enough. That's why the thread was made; to come up with better/more solutions.

It's a hard thing to address, because it's the internet and more people can always pop up.

The only thing i have seen work is that on one face book group that i belong to they watch you in in other groups of same subject to see how you behave then invite you into that private group.  The only down fall is it blocks the efficiency of information exchange.

Just chiming in now.  your reply seems linked to my point and not to Steve's, according to the "L"  symbol which links comments and replies.

In case it is response to me, I will clarify because I feel like the issue of unwanted advances is related to language in as much as we are using words to express our thoughts.  I could also easily make an argument that our own mental motivation is really culprit and words may or may not express the mind of the member, in this case, we are talking about a "predator."  

Legally, or moralistically, I think it still comes down to the rules of the site that express the community values of the site.  So those rules must first be agreed upon, and then followed through.  I think this sort of action minimizes any amount of reaction/repercussion that may come from blaming or accusing people of any wrong.  The fact is, that no one likes to be blamed whether they were at fault of not.

There are people who I have seen that use language inappropriately in my estimation but there goes a judgement right there of my very own.  I don't like to use a lot of sex talk at all on the chat but I notice others do and some of them are further disturbed by others who use sex talk.  One type of sex talk is right, while the other is wrong.  We get into a bunch of misunderstandings which are caused by language problems due to cultural barriers, and also problems of verbal etiquette which are caused by both cultural and psychological differences.  For instance, respect of women or topics of sexual violence or any violence is handled differently in Brooklyn, NY then in Wichita, Kansas.  (I have friends in both places, and thus form my opinion).

So my point is back to community values, make a decision, keep it, encourage it, police it, enforce it. (in that order).  If someone f***ks up, blame it on the rules, and point to bigger moral arguments that have enabled the rules, but inevitably, members can take it as a board decision more than a moral one, since morals are different everywhere we go.


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