Want to post this. It's pretty graphic. I'm sorry.


This happened close to me. It's disgusting



It's a cow. They could have easily called animal control. They could have tranquilized it (worst case scenario). These cops need to be fired. The farmer must be livid!

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OMG!! someone should report this to their boss. who ever's incontrol of them. This is disgusting and inhumane!! 


If not, there definitely NEEDS to be!!! We have gotta do something about this kind of reckless behavior. The cow was already lost and afraid! Goddamn it man, how can one be so unfeeling and inconsiderate of another living being?

I would really love to know what police department this was. It broke my heart. It is not like the cow was aggressive towards them. I cannot believe the barbarianism.

Somebody, please find out where this occurred so we can do something about it... Pleeeaaase!!!!!

they don't deserve to have a job doing things like that poor cow :(

Yankis pelotudos tienen caca en la cabeza! Perdón pero no puedo expresarme de otra manera al ver esto.

It happened it Gatineau, Quebec Canada.

This just happened to a friend of mine in Bridgeport WV :(His farm borders state property and the state cut a section of fence, never fixed it and a calf(much younger than this one, approx 250 pounds/5 months old) got out and wondered into a field near a rest area..the calf was at least 500 yards form any of the buildings, wasnt doing anything except eating and a Bridgeport city poilce officer shot the calf "to protect the public" , THEN instead of burying the calf, letting the farmer take it home..THEY THREW IT OVER A HILL RIGHT OFF OF THE MAIN ROAD !! There are too many trigger happy cops on a power trip..its unbelievable that they continue to do this over and over and no one ever has to pay the consequences except the innocent :( Oh did I mention that after my friend posted photos and a story of what happened, and the police dept started getting some calls about what happened, they FINED the calf's owner for "it running loose on public property and created a public safety hazard" ..BS!!

Absolutely disgusting... What fools. They turned their sirens on! What the fuck is a cow going to do to you?! Calling cops pigs is a disgrace to animals because they are so much lowlier than these beautiful creatures. I can't even believe this.

Agreed! There was no need to kill the cow!

That's sad... that cow wasn't agressive at all.
This happend in canada once... a slaughter house driver fell asleep at tge wheel... tge truck fliped and relased like 20 cows... none were injured but because it was a highway the cops started shooting the cows to get them off the road So they could reopen the road before animal control could get there. There was only like 2-3 votes left for animal control. And they adj just continued their trip to the slaughter house


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