Want to post this. It's pretty graphic. I'm sorry.


This happened close to me. It's disgusting



It's a cow. They could have easily called animal control. They could have tranquilized it (worst case scenario). These cops need to be fired. The farmer must be livid!

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WTF??? Are all cops cowards? Is that a qualification for being a police officer? 5 cops beat a man to death, I've seen them shoot and kill dogs, now this!

I think we need to organize a rally against the behavior of police officers! Something is definitely wrong in their training

god damn degenerates ,god damn them .

What is wrong with them ? omfg are they  insane its a cow for crying out loud. .

I've seen this. It's disgusting..... Pointless killing =(

Any petitions to support the firing of these idiots? Please post them here so that we can sign and find justice for this cruelty. 

i just can't believe...

wow. I bet the poor thing was just scared and didn't know where to go!

what did you expect from cops .. i mean, they do this with humans, so of course with animals .. i don´t wanne say, that EVERY cop is like that, stupid ignorant people are all arround, but as a cop, they even think they have the license for theie sick behavior .. besides, most humans still see animals NOT as  creature with a soul ..

The cow was running away :/


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