Want to post this. It's pretty graphic. I'm sorry.


This happened close to me. It's disgusting



It's a cow. They could have easily called animal control. They could have tranquilized it (worst case scenario). These cops need to be fired. The farmer must be livid!

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This is what happens when mentally retarded people are chosen to be cops. They are not there to protect anyone from anything. How can you shoot a cow? one among those cops could have stopped this incident. This is what happens if you eat meat, you tend to see animals as meats and not as a living thing.

random shot at cow, i think they have animality to do this thing.


Your statement makes two ignorant and bold assertions:  

1) That the moron police in the video were afflicted with a mental disorder.  I disagree.  I think they were just morons.  Your casual use of the "R" word is more damaging to you than anyone else, and I hope you are wise enough to consider your words carefully in your day-to-day life.
2)  That those who choose to eat meat are invariably blooodthirsty and unaware of the validity of other living things.  There is no evidence whatsoever that homo sapiens as an omnivore carries any more predilection towards bloodthirstiness than homo sapiens as an herbivore.

If you are trying to advance a position that the police officers in the video should not have access to firearms, I would agree with you.  Your generalizations, however, are offensive. 

You know, I actually disagree with your ideas about the "R" word. I think "retard" means much less anything to do with the mentally challenged and everything to do with the personally effed-up qualities of those who should know better but are that full of crap and arrogant about it. I call people retards any time I want using it this very way, but I never call anyone with a medical condition affecting their mental capacity a retard... unless they, too, have assumed the way of the retard. I have a sort of roommate who has a suite that shares the wall just above my head when I'm lying in bed, and although he is a fully functioning human being as far as living by himself, doing his own laundry, talking on the phone, and working a job, he is a "retard" to me. He's had brain damage since the time of his birth (or soon after because of mistakes made with his incubator) but appears to be middle-aged, probably in his mid to late forties. I only minutes ago turned on my digital voice recorder to sample, yet again, his annoying empty belches, which sound less like a release of stomach gas and more him just making noise. He also pounds on what sounds like the kitchen counter and slams the door closed AND open. My peace and quiet have been put completely at the mercy of this retard, but I don't blame him because of his medical condition. I call him a retard because he's failed to take responsibility for his freedom make a reasonable attempt to conform to reasonable standards for an independent lifestyle and become an unwarranted burden to me and I've had to endure his ridiculous noise-making and shitty effing attitude for my entire 9 months of living here.

I'm afraid this video leaves too much to the imagination as to why the police were even there or what was going on. So I can't wholly condemn them, as heartless as their actions are and as sensitive as most vegetarians are to animal cruelty.

But I do think it's a safe bet that these police are "retards". In Canada, our RCMP have yet to pay for the murder of Robert Dziekanski in the secure area of the Vancouver International Airport. But if I have my way, they will know why acting like a retard is so very wrong.

I hope I've not caused more of a disturbance with my very first comment to this website than is constructive :-)

I agree with Timothy to a degree and would only add, there is far to much Political Correctness in the world which is unfortunate because it takes the emphasis away from real issues and trumps common sense.

MOST people who use the term "Retard" are referring to those who should know better. Not those who are intellectually challenged. No decent person would name call a person with a true disability. Political Correctness is an pathetic way to look down your nose at someone when you know damn well what they mean.

FYI, Moron is a synonym of Retard... See what I mean?

too much excessive force to a tame & unaggressive animal; put a lasso grazing it to the farmer; problem solve.

She's all like "that's pretty fucked up!"

Where did this happen??? You should get signatures and petition your local government! Mr. Police man were you really scared for your life when that poor scared cow started running, or had you not had a chance to fire your weapon in a while. Why in god's name they give people like this weapons is beyond me.

Actually brought tears to my eyes. Motherf****rs.

IT is not an ideal way to treat the animals.they are not harming to any one.the police is abide by laws but law makers must be a good teachers and reformers.

Wuau... I never thought that I would see something so horrible as this video. Sometimes I feel shame for being human.

These cops should be fired, sentenced and killed.

these cops (are they cops??) must pay for this! please, somebody start a petition and send me the link please. this is unacceptable! :(


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