Want to post this. It's pretty graphic. I'm sorry.


This happened close to me. It's disgusting



It's a cow. They could have easily called animal control. They could have tranquilized it (worst case scenario). These cops need to be fired. The farmer must be livid!

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World is ending soon, everyone start remembering God!

This is true!!

God won't save. Reason might.

   Brother dearest,

      though it is heartening to see that you have strong faith, and that you feel the remembrance of god can do us good.   Please do not use this site as a platform for spreading religious views.  Your views are your own, and this is a stream for an entirely unrelated and shameful incident.


          On the other hand, when you say soon, do you mean in the life of the universe?  or human years?  Because it seems only one of these is true


        All the best and lots of love,

            Brother Shawn

There are more who use this site to do the exact opposite.

its pretty harmless to ask everyone to remember God. spreading religious views would be more like arguing with people and forcing them to accept your way. he isn't doing that at all.

much more, people argue their ethical views often in a rude manner and expect that everyone should change theirs. this is the same disease as religious fanaticism.

I'm pretty sure this is going to make my heart hurt to watch it so I won't. I have seen too many gruesome videos and all I can say is that we can be the voice for these animals. The problem is there aren't enough people who care to do something about it. The best thing to do is start a petition and get people to sign it and make them aware of these horrible acts of violence happening to animals

Can we DO SOMETHING about this?

Thanks for posting... and as usual nothing was done other than 'administrative investigation'! we all know what that means... the report gets put straight in the 'trash can' of history. Aside from the horrific gun slinging methods used here what does not seem to be mentioned is how utterly dangerous it is to fire a weapon randomly like this from many different directions. Stray bullets could have traveled on for hundreds of feet potentially injuring bystanders, other cops and wildlife. If this was a military incident who would have been court martialed!

Seriously, where is this? What's been done to the assholes who did this? It's already a year old. Can anything still be done about this??

Disturbing beyond belief! I have forwarded this video to PETA USA and asked if they know of any follow up that may have been done or perhaps one that can be started in regard to this particular policy officer. 

Where did it take place?


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