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We need vitamin B 12.
We synthesize it in our intestines, but we can't absorb it.
So we gotta get it from food or supplements.But milk foods contain very little of B 12, and vegans don't get it from their food at all.

So, maybe we are meant by nature to eat meat or at least use milk products? Are we really herbivores?

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I agree with Mihai Claudiu Bragadiru, animal products are also fortified in a way. They add B12 to the animals' food so the animals contain B12. At that point, might as well eat the B12 ourselves (or eat vegan fortified foods like soy milk, etc. or add nutritional yeast to our meals, which taste good).

And yeah, we do actually need only a tiny bit of vitamin B12, and it stays stored in our body for years (certain researchers say decades). I believe people worry far too much about this.

Same goes for vitamin D for instance. Animals can produce vitamin D when they're exposed to the sun (just like us). But nowadays, both humans and animals spend so much time indoors, they have to fortify our foods (they add vitamin D to cow milk for instance, it's not naturally present in it).

It is hard to get enough vitamin D from the sun in winter in cold countries, but some doctors say if you have been exposed to the sun a lot in the summer you can store vitamin D for the winter. Another thing I believe people worry a bit too much about.

Also, I can't find one animal that is meant by nature to take milk products. No animal drinks the milk from other animals, and humans invented cream, butter and cheese, they don't exist in nature. :)

Thanks chaps for your answers, I really appreciate that :)


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