i love watching the food network. and sometimes i see something as simple as a burger and i so start craving one. i have been a vegetarian for 6 or 7 years now and every now and then i get these thoughts that me being a meat eater would be so much easier. i have to remember the looks on the faces of the animals that are being tortured to death (literally) and then im okay again. i just wanted to know how other people deal or would deal with a situation like that if i ever came up????? i mean does everyone veg head go through those times where they want meat but have to force them selves to stay on track or am i just dumb that way????              

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i do that too. i smell a BBQ hotdog and i sooooo want one. then i remember that i have my morningstar vegan hot dogs and im ok again! my mom is even going to buy me my own little table top grill so that i can have BBQ when everyone else does... this summer is going to be great!

I'll have to try those..I miss hotdogs and yes when I smell the BBQ it is hard!

A lot of people go through this so no worries, you aren't alone.

At this point you have to consider these things for yourself. What do you care about more; your morals and what you think is right or wrong, or satisfying an urge?

For me, morals always outweigh anything else. I've been veg*n for so long that it's not a consequence anymore. I don't have any cravings for any animal products because my morals have demolished my own petty wants. But that's how I look at things and everyone is different.

thats one of the things that snaps me back into place. i see the faces of the animals and i see the pain that they have and the fear and that help me so much. their pain isnt going to be mine.  so that helps.

Nope.  I don't eat meat because I don't like it.  Therefore, no cravings.  It actually makes me nauseated to see or smell the stuff!  I do however occasionally fall off the vegan wagon with baked goods, or certain cheeses.  I try not to beat myself up tho.  The fact that I physically feel like shit after is punishment enough.  Back on the wagon to cleaner eating and clarity! 

So,  Don't be to hard on yourself.  I believe some cravings are the bodies way of saying you are lacking certain nutrients.  Increase your iron, go eat a soy burger with the works!  Another way to get over the craving is, to just take a bite!  I can almost guarantee you will NOT like it and Spit it out!!   Also,  remember you no longer produce the enzyme needed to breakdown and digest red meat properly.  You will more than likely get sick.  Nausea, vomiting, cramps and some times fever.  Think about that the next time a Hamburger "looks good"

im not a vegan....yet but i know about the wanting cheese every now and then. and just the other day my fiance made me a vegan "cheese burger" and damn was that good.  i wish i knew a doc. to tell my brother about the enzyme thing though because he doesnt believe me at all........ im normally the kind of person who knows when my body needs something so what ever im craving i eat that or something like it because i know thats what my body needs to move on with.

Yes, I accidently ate some mince beef without realizing it a couple of years ago after nearly 30 years and I was very ill for 5 weeks ... fever, cramps, diahorea, huge weight loss, I couldn't even  get out of bed for the first week. 

This is just fun stuff

It's just your body wanting change you are what you are.  Everything comes from the earth and goes back to the earth.

how long have you been vegetarian? For me, when I first when vegetarian, I had to actually train my brain to see meat as dead corpses of cute animals and not "fried chicken" or whatever. It took effort and time but I knew it was worth it.... once I got used to it, I stopped doing it, and even though every now and again I might think meat smells good or become upset if its hard to find a place to eat.... it has become my life and how I am that I would never change it.

i have been veggie for 6-7 years now. i know that im not going back but summers here with all those assies cooking  their bbq.......and damnit! my mom is going to buy me a grill so i can make tofu cababs and grilled veggies and things like that.

Well, the only problem I have is when someone is cooking something I love, like Lasagna, and I kinda forget that there meat in it :S But then I remember and I'm back on track. But yeah I know what you mean when you  say it's would be easier to be a meat eater, but you know it's usually hard to stand by our beliefs, more so when when you have society against you. But in the end, it's worth it ! One of my favorite author, James Baldwin, once said : Precisely at the point when you begin to develop a conscience, you must find yourself at war with your society. I guess we are in this war together ! 

I think it comes with time. Total rejection of animal products. When I went veggie 13 years ago I would occasionally smell poultry slices in the fridge (my parents were still meat  eaters back then) and I loved the smell of bacon or roasted chicken. After a few years it feels like I started smelling blood and fat in meat, and now I can't stand in the same room where burgers or bacon are fried. Smells so disgusting! Being vegan for a year I also notice changes, egg stinks! And doesn't really have much taste now. I tried manchego cheese a few months ago (it used to be favourite cheese ever) and I didn't like it anymore, it was pure fat, too rich. I still have cravings, in particular for milk chocolate and cakes with cream, but I know it will go away eventually. It's a process and I guess if you have a bite of something from time to time, it's not gonna kill you, and you will actually realize that it's not that great really.


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