i love watching the food network. and sometimes i see something as simple as a burger and i so start craving one. i have been a vegetarian for 6 or 7 years now and every now and then i get these thoughts that me being a meat eater would be so much easier. i have to remember the looks on the faces of the animals that are being tortured to death (literally) and then im okay again. i just wanted to know how other people deal or would deal with a situation like that if i ever came up????? i mean does everyone veg head go through those times where they want meat but have to force them selves to stay on track or am i just dumb that way????              

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OMG my brother was making bacon today and i booked it outta the house........it smelled to gross!!!!!!! and all i could see was a turkey sitting in the pan.....staring at me with a sad face. and i wanted to cry! but my whole meat eating family has agreed to have meatless tuesdays with me so we all have a vegetarian or vegan dinner together. and my best friend mia buys me funky veggie things that she finds here and there

i will never relapse, i simply cant, when i go to the store and i walk past the meat aisle i get sick and i feel like i might throwup, i feel bad if i eat animals so i just stay away from meat, nothing will make me crave it again, i love who i have become as a vegetarian and i will never give that up :), i dont eat anything that touches the meat either because my family are meat eaters, all of my stuff has to be placed far away from the meat groceries, i gag at the sight of it

There definitely are times that I think about relapse. Mainly because the vegetarian frozen meals can be very pricey, which sucks. But, then I remember why I started and I rise above it. :) 

You are brainwashed. Get over it.

Im the same as casidhe.  The smell of burning animal fat and flesh is repulsive.  The look of melted cow lactation fat is equally repulsive.  I haven't had a meat or dairy craving for ages.

Sometimes smell of barbecue comes to me on the street and I know that it isnt smell of food . That is smell of killed god creatures who cared same spirit as we do. That is smell of crematorium.

In my case it was just about answering the question whether meat is food or not. Eventually the answer was no, so now I just look at it like a at a piece of plastic or rubber - inedible. The process goes on in relation to milk and its products but as others mentioned - comes with time. Try meditation to deal with the problem - mighty be useful to set your mind back on veggie tracks ;)

Like to watch them to but there's lots of substitutions like when there's a iceream recipie I use frozen bananas and vanilla! Find substitutions that work for you. .. and there's been times like this past holiday I had spaghetti with my family because of situations that couldent be controled. And all I could taste was iron and matalic flavors because that's really all it is ! Just remember there's always a substitute!

its completely normal. i tried and failed going veg 3 times before i finally stayed.

Sometimes I will question myself whether I should relapse to fit in better for business meals, as you can imagine that vegans are in the minority in these meals. I tell myself that I can't relapse even though in theory it would make dining easier, but my body won't be tolerant about this types of slip-ups intentionally or otherwise. I also don't have any good reasons to explain to the animals whom I consume. Would "I just want to fit in better during meal time" be a good enough reason to take another's life? Personally it's a negative for me.


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