I'm trying to balance dance, soccer, and school and I find that I'm starting to feel very stressed and tired. None of my family or friends are vegetarian and they don't completely understand my situation. Any tips on how to balance a busy life and being vegetarian? What can I do to keep my balancing act in control without feeling worn out?

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I have found that frozen vegan dishes, like Amy's brand or Tofurky, are lifesavers when life is way busy. You can find these at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, even some grocery store chains carry a selection of Amy's. You can pop the stuff in the oven and take it to go, some are even suited for the microwave. Simple and quick meals have saved my diet at some points. Another thing you could try is writing down a schedule. I write everything I need to do and want to do in a day in a planner. I check it off when it is finished; it provides a sense of accomplishment while also allowing you to literally look at your day and organize the times and such much better. I like to see it, then make it happen when it comes to scheduling. Schedule meals even if you have to. Stay positive, hope this helped a bit :)

Thanks for the support!

i swear by moringstar products. they make up to 98 percent of my diet. morning star is found almost anywhere. all i did was ask a sales person where the veggie patties are and they showed me a whole mess of things that are quick, easy, and very very yummy!!!!!!! when i went veggie my mom took me to all the local stores to see what was out there that wasnt salad and frozen veggies. you can find all sorts of thing now a days that have no meat and aew an easy dinner for you or something that is a quick fix fir an on the go person!

I really love the Morningstar products. The variety and taste is really impressive! I think I could have Italian herb patties every night...

carry nuts, raisins, mixed seeds, dried fruit around with you. Start your day with a smoothie one day and/or a fresh fruit juice the next. Meat is heavy and keeps you full whereas being a vegetarian, we need to nibble inbetween meals....

Speaking of going out with friends, it's really a tough situation.

I don't know the eating environment is the US cuz I'm a Taiwanese. In some cases, you can buy whatever you want and your friends want and then eat together or you can ask the owner to provide simple meals (but you get know the owner of restaurant sometimes cannot cook delicious dishes for you). Sometimes you can also take them to eat in a vegan restaurant and say something funny like '' eat something healthier and you won't have problem of constipation..''

True friends would try to embrace you and even sometimes would like to eat with you!  I'm still learning how to deal with people around me and tell them there's no differences. I don't want to escape cuz people cannot be alone and need the company of friends.

Try talking with your doctor.  After all, they went to school for stuff like this.  ;)
Make sure your diet is providing all that you need and you aren't getting malnourished.  Supposedly that can be a problem with the vegetarian diet.  :/
They might suggest supplements or something for you.  Some times staying tired can be a sign that you're not getting something you need, regardless of how healthy your diet may be.  

Take B12 supplements. They're the only thing in meat that you can't get anywhere else. There is nothing magical about meat that will make you less tired. Everything else in meat you can get in a vegetarian diet, unless you have some genetic problem (like you dont synthesise Vitamin A properly or something rare like that). Diet-wise eat loads of fruit and load up on green smoothies (spinach, kale etc) for your iron and minerals. Eat carbs and make sure you are getting enough calories. You are probably feeling tired because you are trying to do too much. Maybe you should think about getting some leisure time and above all, make sure you get enough SLEEP! Thats my advice.

Well stress and being tired are usually just byproducts of a busy life. That happens to everyone.

Soccer, school and work for me. First off, love your family and understand that they are just not as far ahead as you are. I wasn't. Have patience with them because many people who are vegetarian today started as something different. Secondly, read up. Understand how to get B6 and B12 in your diet. Kick up some Kale for calcium and other vitamins. Understand the science of nutrition so you don't get behind in things then sit down and list of all those vege foots you like to eat that will also give you what you need. Carb up for soccer and understand that humans don't need as much protein as many people claim. Study, read and train hard in soccer man. You can do this.

Thanks everyone! This has been very helpful. :)

Be natural , feel yourself ,fell your body . You don t have to supplement with anything : calcium , B6 , B12 are everywhere inside natural products so don t be panic because you re on the right way ;). Eat legumes , nuts , seeds fruits , dry fruits and all vegetables and you ll health will improve soon .

 Resting is  important ...never forget it !

  Live free and enjoy life 


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