I'm trying to balance dance, soccer, and school and I find that I'm starting to feel very stressed and tired. None of my family or friends are vegetarian and they don't completely understand my situation. Any tips on how to balance a busy life and being vegetarian? What can I do to keep my balancing act in control without feeling worn out?

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Things that have helped me:

Be sure to sprinkle Nutritional Yeast flakes on meals for extra B12

Sprinkle herbs on your meals for extra iron

Yoga and meditation often as you can

Stay hydrated, drink 8 glasses of water a day by carrying around a water bottle at all times

Take Vegan Multivitamins, I like Healthy Essentials brand

Take lots of spirulina tablets

Drink fresh squeezed juices

Eats lots of fresh salads

Use a vegan protein powder like Sun Warrior, Eden Health Foods or Nature's Way, to make smoothies or proats or protein cookies

Sprinkle nuts and seeds on your meals

Get sunshine on your skin for Vit D

Watch comedies and remember to laugh and smile

Hug an animal and feel the love!

Packets of premarinated tofu or veggie burgers are awesome when you're in a hurry, I eat them cold outta the pack :P

Herbal teas and green chai

Fresh Coconut water and bananas for extra potassium

Step away from technology sometimes

Breath fresh air out in nature, go for a walk in a forest

Get 8 hours sleep!

Good luck! :)

Try light but nutritious foods that can be easily brought on-the-go, such as buns, salads and parfaits. 

The food must be composed of complex carbs. I like a cup of oatmeal with raisins.Have some veggie snacks in hand too! I suggest nuts, biscuits and fruits like apples and oranges.

I advise praying everyday and be grateful to God for the day and the veggie path you have thus chosen. God gives you strength and will to get on with the hustle and bustle of the day.

Try light stretching or balancing exercises, such as standing on one foot etc. ;)

Most importantly, don't stress yourself out. Relax. 

Good luck!

Hi! I'm vegan , and being really really active, so I think you found the person who you need in this question:) The first thing: if you want to make energy: do not eat animal food combining it carbohydrate source!! It requires more than 3 time energy to absorb and digest it.... You only can eat e.g: eggs with vegetables! only vegetables(has no carb in it)... Dairy is going to the bin I think. It's very harmful. (cheese too) You can find everything in an egg(if you are vegetarian).But eating everyday an egg is harmful, it is very one-sided, and you eat this cholesterol every day, it's not good. The most important cases to eat egg: after training! this is the most important. And also getting up in the morning(you don't eat at night fo 10-12 hours). So this 2 times is the ideal to eat egg(just 1-or 2 enough). But try not eat it everyday.

2nd : :) So what plants you can, and should have to eat: Before training, or for breakfast: oat(BEST) with fruits: e:g 2 apple 1 banana + lots of oat being blend(pour water in it to be more softy-milky), if you add poppyseed(if you like it, eat it pls beacuse in the same amount off poppyseed and the same amount of milk you compare---> in poppyseed there are 10 times(!!) more calcium than in milk...). also can add cinnamon, or other fruits as well:) It's a perfect sweety meal, and you can it lot's of time in bigger quantities too. Before training you have to eat lot's of carbohydrates to have energy(don't eat: potato(has no aminoacids-proteins in it, and act like sugar--> being tired..). Try to bake (or buy) whole wheat bread: I prefer selt wheat flour. It has good profile of aminoacids and good carb source. Try to eat(also combine them): brown rice(don't eat white rice),buckwheat,millet,barley,lentils(!),chick pea(!. You can make humus ->blend the chickpea with onion...perfect... my favourite: Best protein source(And also zinc,b-vitamins,calcium,iron etc:). I recommend that to: eat nuts and seeds for everymeal!: peanuts! turkish hazelnut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds,(<-these are very cheap), cashew,walnuts,pistachios,almonds(!) etc---> combine it with almost every meal:) --> you will get the perfect source of protein trust me. I think if you will do this, you will be perfectly satisfied with you health status and it will also be possible to be vegan(because you can realise that eating carb source with animal protein very harms your body, requires lots of energy and nutrients to solve this). For supplement: spirulina is the best(also chlorella but it's more expensive). Vegan sportmens: Frank Medrano( search it pls, He is full vegan and very very strong), Carl Lewis was also vegan. And two vegan bodybuilders:https://www.facebook.com/ThaVeganDread?fref=ts,  https://www.facebook.com/veganmuscle?fref=ts . And could say lot more people If you intrested in just say. Sorry for writing a lot, But I think it can help you:):) Have a nice day.


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