It really gets me down when omnivores make horrible comments and show absolutely no respect for other species, especially when they boast/brag that deliberate cruelty to animals is somehow funny, and that they are proud enjoyers of animal products despite being at least a tiny bit aware of the suffering behind their food.

How do you good folks deal with such abrasive attitudes?

I'm made to feel apologetic, even ashamed that I'm veggie, and will avoid arguing or getting into conflict with these types, as one can never convince them. I do try to remind myself that there's no point being distressed over things I can't change, yet I become ever more disheartened with each new comment I hear. How can I trust or respect people who are so callous? They can be the most generous and helpful characters towards other humans, but when it comes to animals, there's not the slightest hint of caring.

The contradiction is perturbing.

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Know how you feel. I've gotten exceedingly good at getting under trolls' skins though, haha. It's a learned art. Hm, I guess one of the best policies is just to ignore them. Good to remember that these individuals thrive off of negative energy, probably because they cannot receive positive energy in real life. These kinds of people, I've noticed, have no friends, no close family. Pity them, and their inability to make life better (instead they make it worse by being jerks), pray for them, and keep being a sexy green momma. Or papa. Or Llama. 

They target you because of how you make them feel about themselves. The real person they hate is on the inside, which is why they act nasty as they do. Let them obsess, you have too many good things going on. 

I have a friend who trolls like that, I just ignore what he says now. 

:) That is good. I've learned to ignore my "inner trolls" as well, so freeing, and it's kind of a bonus when they can't stand they have no power over you.

I guess you just have to forgive them. They try their best in life but they do not truly understand what they are doing to animals and the world and theirs species. Just don't talk to them about it. Only talk to people who are interested otherwise you will be shot down with ignorance.

I just laugh in my head and silently call them all idiots...... I try to shrug off their stupidity as much as possible and spread the goodness of being vegetarian and vegan whenever the opertunity arises.

so this is the best comment I have ever read.

I deal with a lot of people like that on a monthly basis since I bring my food to school. I am proud and I flaunt it, but I know how it feels to be brought down by obnoxious comments or conversations -some I just overhear!-. I used to insult people like saying "you're not a carnivore, you're a scavenger." But then I realized that's not right because I'm insulting the meat-eaters that I still love. Approach it with an open mind. Don't try to convince them, I always just say why I went vegetarian and give examples of terrible factory farming practices. One thing that gets under my skin is when people claim "I could never do that", to that I usually just say, "I thought I couldn't either, but it was something too important to ignore."

Hope this helps. Remain proud and remember, if you're like me, there was a time when you were that person too. I always just think: "what I would I say to past-Mark?" lol

-Mark W.

Excellent advice! I often find myself getting upset with bacon obsessed coworkers who proudly proclaim their love for eating meat and the next minute are talking about their adorable little pets and how much they love them. I try to subtly point out how hypocritical that is, but they don't seem to get it. I'll try to remember the angle you use the next time someone makes a comment about my "rabbit food" or "gross tofu" and use it to explain one of the many reasons why I became vegan.

Thanks!! I'm glad you agree! Wow that's really funny because just yesterday this guy started talking about bacon too! That gets frustrating so I can relate for sure. Dang that's harsh, some people just don't get it. But that's a good idea. I hope it works, you should let me know how it goes whenever you use this technique!

also to some people ignorance is bliss where as us vegans and veggies we see animal cruelty as a problem. :)

PEOPLE DO NOT REALIZE FOOD IS AN ADDICTION!! which is why they are so obsessed with cheese and meat products >.< #veganlife

i mean you should ignore their comments, if they dont accept you for your diet, then i recommend you to reconsider if they are your real friends or not.


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