Trying to save 2 cows from slaughter, how can I find donations? tips ?

Hi Everybody,

I am looking for ways to get donations for my cause: Saving two little cows - 4 months now - from a future with slaughter. I will post the story below.

I would like to know from you; how do you think I get get more donations.

I have posted on facebook in a couple of vegan groups, but I'd like to find more groups... I have to admit; I'm not the best with the internet, I need help, please help me :)

Vegans on facebook attacked me for being a volunteer at a petting zoo by the way, please don't start that discussion here. I know their policy is not right but I want to save two cows who I got to know since I work there (since 1 month). I am aware next year they will get new cows again and the problem continues. I don't know if I will stay there to witness it, I hope someone will read this story and fight the authorities on this so it can't continue.

Anyway so there is Facebook, I will make a GoFund me page. I will make a Twitter account if people here can let me know if that will work ? Maybe someone can help me with that part ? I never Twittered and it's a bit of a mystery to me.

I will make a YouTube account to post my video too.

Any other websites or crowdfunding ideas I am overlooking ? Please let me know. If you like to participate please let me know.

You can find me and the video and pics of the cows on my facebook, I accept friends.

So here is the story and my appeal which I posted on Facebook.

Wie wil er helpen deze kalfjes te redden van de slacht ? (english translation below) Uitleg:
Als ze 1 jaar worden, dat is over 6 maanden, gaan ze naar de boer terug. Ze wonen nu nog op de kinderboerderij. Lief zijn ze he ? :)
De boer gaat ze gebruiken als melkkoe en daarna slachten. :(
Dat willen we niet....
De kosten zijn ongeveer 500 tot 800 euro per koe (details volgen na overleg met boer, komende dinsdag 6 september) en de opvang kost 400 euro per jaar. We hebben dus veel mensen nodig die helpen met een donatie. Doe je ook mee met een donatie?
We hebben nog geen rekening maar zet je naam hieronder aub op de lijst als je mee wil doen.
We hebben al 21 mensen maar we willen er nog wel 100 ! of 1000 !!
Graag comments :)
Dankjewel allemaal ! Like & Share aub <3
Het is altijd zinvol om een leven te redden, twee al helemaal ! <3 <3

Who wants to help save these little cows from slaughter ?
When they turn 1 year old they go back to the farmer. They live in the petting zoo now. Aren't they sweet? :)
The farmer will use them as milking cow and then kill them. :( We don't want that to happen....
The costs will be about 500 - 800 euro per cow (details follow after consult with farmer next Tuesday, September 6th) and the shelter will cost 400 euro per cow each year. So we need a lot of people to help us with a donation. Please get involved and help us with what you can donate.
We don't have a bank account yet but you can put your name in the comments if you like to join in.
We already have 21 people who will donate but we want 100 more people to help or 1000 people ! Please write in the comments.
Thank you so much everybody ! Like & Share please <3
It's always meaningful to save a life, especially two ! <3

( I posted before I am asking people to donate a minimum of 8 euro a year - 66 cent a month.. because the cow shelter will cost 800 a year for two cows - so I would need 100 people donating 8 euro's to sustain that part. Later I found out we also have to buy the cows... so I am waiting for the word of the farmer, when I know more details I will start the GoFund page etc.)

What do you think? Please be gentle, I have no experience doing this and just following my heart.

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Hi I'd love to help, and donate to your cause! I definitely don't agree with Cows being slaughtered :( 

Where is the link to your GoFundMe account? 


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