Hey everyone,

I'm Sarah, I was raised vegetarian and became vegan at the start of this year. :)
I live in Manchester, England, but it'd be awesome to make vegetarian/vegan friends from all over the world. :)

As a vegan teenager who doesn't smoke or drink I often feel isolated so I'm excited to meet anyone else in the same boat. :)

Other interests are baking, spirituality, philosophy, travelling, culture, beauty (ie, hair, makeup etc)

Nice to meet you all!

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Welcome Sarah! :)  I have similar inerests as you so It would be fun to talk with you sometime! :)

Hi Sarah! Same boat as you I guess, no smoking or drinking. I have friends who are non-drinkers and non-smokers but I have yet to find one that is a veg*n though.

Nice to meet you!

Hi Sarah! I'm new on here, and am quite close to Manchester! Us northerners need to stick together! I don't smoke and very rarely drink myself. 


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