Hey everyone,

I'm Sarah, I was raised vegetarian and became vegan at the start of this year. :)
I live in Manchester, England, but it'd be awesome to make vegetarian/vegan friends from all over the world. :)

As a vegan teenager who doesn't smoke or drink I often feel isolated so I'm excited to meet anyone else in the same boat. :)

Other interests are baking, spirituality, philosophy, travelling, culture, beauty (ie, hair, makeup etc)

Nice to meet you all!

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Great to meet you Sarah! Welcome.

Hi Sarah :) Welcome

Welcome! Always a good to make the acquaintance of a fellow veggie Northerner.

Welcome! I know what you mean about isolation. I moved to Brazil from California to study and oh man, EVERYone eats meat with every single meal and spends their nights at the bar.

I think vegans/vegetarians need their own country, haha.

lol @ philip. Welcome Sarah. Keep it up!

Definitely! Which country should we invade? :P
But how would a vegan army fight? ..Can the words 'vegan' and 'army' even go together? :P

I have recieved your inbox message by the way and will get round to responding soon :) :)

Haha for sure. I say we take the US from its corrupt gov't and give it back to the natives, I'm sure they'd be down to clean the place up a bit and embrace veganism lol.

Did you know that Roman gladiators were vegan? And many legions would save eating meat for AFTER battle when they got back home because they felt they were stronger without it. Look up "the barley men". We vegans are a tough lot! My powerlifting buddy is a beast of a man, and is vegan. He's putting up 160 kilos on bench and somewhere around 800 kilos on deadlift and squat. I had to do a conversion, even though I live in SA I haven't converted over to the metric system yet! lol

lol. that idea is awesome :) id move right away!

Hi Sarah, nice to meet you. Welcome, i'm new to this social network too.

I have similar interests to you too, i'm now giving up stuff in many areas of my life to concentrate on developing my spiritual self, and am planning travelling to help with that.

I have family in manchester too so I'll let you know if i'm in your neck of the woods.

Love, light and happiness X

Where is it you are hoping to travel to?
I do believe travelling really does broaden the mind and teach you new things about yourself. :D

Thank you and I looked at your ceramics website also, your pieces are very beautiful :)

Oh, thanks Sarah. Thats really sweet of you to say.

I believe the same and i'm going to a raw food vegan retreat centre that does yoga, meditation and such like in the philipines and then maybe on to the indonesian islands. Stopping off on the way home in Nepal to do some volunteer work with Tibetan refugees!

Have you had the opportunity for much travel?


Welcome... I am wondering if you are single or not..


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