In every discussion groups I tend to refute points that usually makes me get mistaken as defending the "other team", for veganism it's not different so here are two things I go against when I see being used:

1) The idea of being anti-specist, I never got around this concept and don't understand how people can use it as a moral point, for me different value for different species is very obvious, If you had to choose to spare the life between of a elephant and a fly, would you throw a coin to give then 50/50 chance since they have equal value? I wouldn't. Even stepping three levels and using not just two mammals but two primates, I'd choose saving a gorilla (or a person) over a capuchin monkey instead of giving them 50%.

2) "if you loved animals you wouldn't eat them" / "animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends" 
Being vegan doesn't mean you are living cruelty free to be able to point the finger at others, everything in our lifestyle is based upon habitat destruction, from the majority of energy generation to mineral extraction, logging and plant foods that are farmed in large scale. So pretty much if a vegan can tell a meat eater he can't be an animal lover, then someone living in a small totally self sustainable community can tell the great majority of vegans (and all vegetarians) that they don't love animals too. Same goes for vegans telling it for vegetarians, but probably everyone here already knows this is dumb, but as for the vegan on meat eater hating, it's being something really really common to see around here.

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Being vegan means we are doing our best to do no harm.   I've read lots of good books on the subject in the ten years since I made the commitment to myself not to support torture of any sentient being, but I just recently discovered the one I now consider the MASTERPIECE.  The book is "The World Peace Diet" in which Dr. Will Tuttle gives a whole new perspective to how humans are doing themselves in by repressing their natural compassion and what we can do about it.   Check it out:

My dear, thank you for sharing your thoughts..but I do not debate :) May all beings be free :) the diference between you and a tree is only a judgment, for we all are made from the same stuff as stars ;) that is all i am willing to say believe and follow :)


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