Is there a connection? I've been vegetarian for a decade and transitioned as I hit my teen years, the most important development years. About the same time I developed depression, anxiety, panic attacks and a lack of appetite that left me malnourished and underweight.

I recently attempted to go vegan. It did not go down well with my family. Worried about my 'extremism', they called out doctors, who attempted to force me into a mental hospital. I avoided it by a small margin. To avoid further trouble, I have abandoned the strict vegan diet, though I will continue to minimise the dairy I consume and avoid things such as leather where possible and practicable. I'm afraid to stand by my morals and refuse food with animal products in it because it turns my whole family against me.

Having seen shocking footage such as Earthlings and having become aware of the environmental and health related damage animal based diets cause, I've become deeply upset by the majority of humanity's attitudes and their arguments to defend their carnism. I'm often misanthropic. I'm asocial - I avoid socialising with other humans where possible because I can't abide the common ignorance people have concerning their diets. I feel I'm a failure because though I've been a vegetarian for a whole decade, my family still has no intention of making that change themselves and would rather label me mentally ill than compassionate. I'm afraid, because I see that people can act without conscience and cause horrific cruelty without remorse if they profit by it.

All in all, veg*ism has opened my eyes to the extent of barbarism in our world and I despair of it. If I had never become aware, and had remained an omnivore, would I be happy instead of suicidal?

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Love this response! Great advice-many people suffer with mental issues and should talk things out-that and a good diet and exercise are key ingredients to curing anxieties and stress. We were given bodies that when fed properly and nurished in good ways can take care of themselves. Peace.

I'm not sure..I do have a couple of  mental illnesses but being vegan is not part of it , i don't think . but if you are feeling suicidal, see a doctor and get some help. i have everything you have mentioned and still am a vegan for about 3 months i dont think there is a connection. i had mental health issues way before i became a vegan. 

I think mine has actually improved a lot..

Same here :)

I've been dealing with panic/anxiety attacks, depression and the like nearly all my life. Everything but the depression became severe years ago before I went vegetarian. Then it happened again when I switched from vegetarian to vegan. I started thinking about what I may be missing. I knew that I wasn't getting enough protein so I tried adding some protein powder to my juices, smoothies and such. I noticed a change within 2 days. Panic and anxiety attacks are nearly gone now. I'm not saying that is the answer to your "challenges" or everyone else who is going through the same. I'm only suggesting that one takes a hard look at the diet, go through a process of elimination to determine what it is. You may be surprised at what you find.

I've been doing A LOT of research over the years (because all doctors want to do is throw pills at me) to help myself, help figure it all out and do it naturally. Through all that I've learned I am now a firm believer that all that ails us is diet, a chemical imbalance. There's something missing from our diets, some vitamin or mineral that we don't get enough of. Look up deficiencies. Protein, vitamins, minerals, etc; and their symptoms. You'll be amazed at how many include panic attacks, anxieties, depression. Left "untreated", some of these things can potentially cause harmful damage down the road. Neurologically, internal organs, muscular and so on.

There was a documentary on channel 9 one day about how a naturopathic doctor (I forgot his name) did some research and trial test on a lady who was suffering from severe depression that was almost completely debilitating her. She had been on numerous drugs that different doctors were prescribing her that were all failing or barely helped. Feeling hopeless, she had began to have suicidal thoughts. Along comes this naturopathic doctor, discovers she had a niacin deficiency, within months of supplementing herself she was up and out socializing again and said she "felt more normal" than she had in years. It all could be that simple and yet we all make it so difficult mostly because we're all so caught up with the media, and/or we're not educated because we allow ourselves to put way too much trust into doctors and even the government. Personally, I have learned that I can't trust western medicine much anymore and have realized that in order to be healthier, I've had to educate myself and found how vital it is to listen and trust my body. We all know our body better than anyone else. Listen to it, it will tell you when something is wrong or right. ;)

Ya see, I was one of those people who had a nervous breakdown and was in a mental hospital. It was back in the mid 80's. I was a hardcore drug addict and alcoholic, using to cover up a painful childhood where I was mentally, physically, emotionally and verbally abused. I was one of many who were being used as a guinea pig for testing a lot of the drugs out today. This is one reason why I'm such an advocate for healing nature's way. My stories that I write here are the short versions, of course, but I hope that by sharing what I can it will help inspire others to educate themselves, learn more about diet, deficiencies, natural cures and all. I hope that people continue doing it, and that it's not just a trend, but rather an awakening. {:O)

I've seen your posts before and have a question ... are you an Empath? I am and see some similarities to you and just was wondering if you consider yourself empathic.

I hope you continue to fight to do what's right for you! I hope that you find and conquer what "challenges" you and wish you PEACE ♥

Congratulations on finding a way to alleviate so much of your mental anguishes :)!! I am really happy for you to hear that. I feel the same way about medications- diet is still the best medicine, I refuse to take anymore pharmaceuticals. 

Thank you! :)
And kudos to you for looking out for yourself, for being so young and realizing that "meds", along with diet, are what's ailing society. Not to mention the companies that support/enforce and encourage them. Nature gives us what we need and if we were lucky to have learned this early on, the better the health. If not, it's never too late to learn. :)

Was so sorry to here your story. I hope as I write this you have found a comfortable place. Vegetarianism should not be so extreme you are left with inner turmoil of your decisions. You must find a healthy, comfortable stance and sometimes it is heartbreaking that we can't change the world's views. But you are a voice for the animals and it's very important you keep being a voice. Don't let anyone judge you on your beliefs, if they choose to put up arguments and criticize you, they are not friends.  I feel you can't be a "perfect" vegetarian and shouldn't expect perfection-we are human. My fav quote: Strive for Excellence Not Perfection (you have to google the owner of that one). You do what you can, don't beat yourself up over it and find that "good for you spot." Life is wonderful, accentuate the positive; and be nice to yourself on the good things you can do comfortably. I think you have lots of support here and that is great! Well wishes to you. Hugs Christine

I hope you're doin better... Your letter is sad, I can understand you because I know its heartbreaking and mind buggling (excuse my English) to see than many dont care... not abiut there health, not about the envirement and definetely not about animals... and we, who do care feel like we are tide down, like so.many are against us so its easy to.maybe take it peesonal antvthats.where your strenght can come in.. dont take it personal and know that we are all in different levels consciously... it is not that we are better or.some are worst is just that there at different levels of consciousness.. dont judge and dont feel like yiur doing nothing either because just like anther person in one of the replys to you said, you are a vice to the beautiful animals wuthout a voice and thats no small job, so feel good about your self and continue but with compassion to all, even the weak and small.minded for the.light shines on everyone and if yiu hate you are what we dont strive ti be.. Because you can not love and hate a the same.time.. its all about love... and.I know it sounds corny but it all stats with one self.. I recomend some spiritual healing and guidance maybeEchart Tolle, TiichNhat Hanh, etc.. Sorry spelling is just between english not being my 1rst language and writtining in my tpress a lot of keys I should not.. Taku much care and wishing you sincerely the best

Vitamin B deficiency can cause depression, Anxiety and panic attacks.

If this has been already mentioned, please forgive me. Around the age that you mentioned, going vegetarian/partly vegan, is the age that most people identify anxiety/depression within themselves. It could be congenital (eating disorders are a form of anxiety/depression as well) and presenting itself more fully. As a person who has struggled with an unhealthy relationship with food & alcohol as a coping mechanism from anxiety/depression, I've been waiting for a plant based diet to cure me. I'm starting to wonder if it's the need to eliminate processed foods from my diet or a need to go on meds to balance my potentially natural imbalance. Sorry this is not a solution but more a suggestion of additional questions to ask yourself.


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