Veg*ns! How do you feel about Christians? (Sorry if I offend anyone)

So I have lots of veg*n and I couldn't stop noticing that most of them seem to express a strong hatred of Christians. Lots of them seem to be friendly towards me but it turns out that they only hate when people use God as an excuse to eat animals.

I want a truthful answer here. How do you feel about Christians? Do you feel the same way they do? 

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I doubt that the many of the people who generalize against Christians do it spitefully, though some may as that is always possible.  people that I know who don't like Christians react to the circumstance. in America, evangelical Christians can be quite full power with their tactics and it causes rifts in community especially because most evangelicals adopt a right wing political platform which has a lot of dissent from liberal and non-Christian communities.  typically, vegan communities are more common amongst liberal thinkers.

personally, I try not to hate anyone but I don't appreciate fanaticism coming from either religion, or diet or any way of thinking.

I believe there is no place for haterd in veg@anism. I'm always surprised at the haterd and judgement I hear others openly profess on this site of all places. It bothers me as a Christian and a Vegan.

Hatred has no place anywhere...agreed.

i believe they should all be lined up and shot, the ones that are not vegetarian

I doubt anyone should be shot for their beliefs, John and I don't think we are by any means an anti-christian site.  christians can believe what they will just as you can. some right wingers would believe that gays and veggies should be shot too, so do you want to have a shooting contest?

anyway, last I remember, inciting violence even in jest is not a good thing according to board rules.  I think its well enough to respectfully disagree with views, but I would hate to see more violent feelings arise from them.

if one is not vegetarian they are not religious. so from my teachings they are treasonous to what they hypocriticaly deny and that is punishable by death in most countries.


first off...that someone is not vegetarian and therefore not religious, is just your opinion. its not that each member can trump another member with their own opinion.  its just a bit too much.  we have members of all cultures and religions on this board and so I think we are all going to have to respect our differences, but nothing wrong with opinions that don't encroach on another member's rights.

even if you have a teaching that says that someone is being hypocritical and even if you believe that they should be shot, and you are not actually joking (though I sincerely hope you were, though in poor taste), I doubt that being hypocritical is punishable by death in most countries.  which country do you refer to?  I realize that Islam might be a bit strict in some cases when their laws are broken, but I have never heard that to be a standard of the world.

I don't know where you are from exactly, but I thought it was the US, and so you might know that in the United States, there is so much freedom of religion, that people can even start a church with their own weird and crazy values, but none of it can violate the US federal laws.  So I really don't think your idea which I had thought and hoped was a joke, is really fair to promote.  I just want to say that people can take it seriously and I just think we don't need to joke about hurting others.  Even if other members, apparently from another comment I see that came after my first one, seem to take it as a joke and even is willing to extend the joke.  I don't ever know when someone is being serious or not about hurting others, but I just don't think we need to do that and in any case, we have board rules that recommend we don't do that.

Its interesting because previously someone made a comment about wanting to eat all people who eat animals, which is cannabilism and some members weren't okay with that and alerted moderators,  yet your comment is not setting off an alarm.  For me, I like to be uniform and just ask you politely not to say things that are taken as violence to another human being.  thanks :)

LMAO. Ohhhhh John, you and your lively sense of humor :) Maybe we can just dig a pit and throw in all the people who murder in the name of religion (or in the name of fashion or personal pleasure) into it. More hard work but I think it has a dramatic effect, yes?

I rest my case :(

Haven't you asked this question before Humberto ;)  , ooops, never mind, I just saw that it's dated April 2012.

i dunno about this hatred towards christians and stuff. i think its pretty nonsensical that people are acting like that. believe in what you want, eat what you want but dont force others to do and eat like you.

i personally dont gave a rats about what the christians got to do with us vegans and vegetarians. i know that there are christians who are vegetarians and vegans and they dont say anything like that. i also know there are other christians who chose to eat meat because they wanted to and had eaten it since birth, but never used the excuse of God to eat meat.

i dont really hate people who eat meat and stuff. that is a choice they made and i have no right to make them change, i can only give them the idea of being vegetarian or vegan. i think that being vegan or vegetarian or eating meat, has got nothing to do with god. it is what you think is right, not what others think. if you believe that just because God ask you to eat meat, i think that those people are blind. i do not want to sound bad or anything, or offend those who are the followers of God, but i just think that just because someone ask you to do something, does not mean you do it. you can choose whether or not if you wish to do it, even if its God. there is no right or wrong answers, there is only the choice you make and what comes after, whether good or bad, you must follow it through.

i feel no hatred towards christians, i do not feel the same way as your friends. i believe that if you wish for those that eat meat to stop eating meat, you must approach them and give them the idea of vegetarianism or vegan, not hate them. i think that their thoughts must be quite bias to the fact that alot of christians that eat meat are eating it because God told them to. i dont think thats the case as i know alot of christians who dont eat meat and they say that its not because God told them or not, its because they chose to be vegetarian/vegan. i apologise if i offend anyone with my opinion but that is soley my thought on it and i hope that if any of your friends read this, that they do not get offended by my comment, i just feel that there needs to be less hate for a change to happen to those that eat meat rather then to prevent them from knowing the greatness of being a vegan/vegetarian.

That's perfect!


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