Veg*ns! How do you feel about Christians? (Sorry if I offend anyone)

So I have lots of veg*n and I couldn't stop noticing that most of them seem to express a strong hatred of Christians. Lots of them seem to be friendly towards me but it turns out that they only hate when people use God as an excuse to eat animals.

I want a truthful answer here. How do you feel about Christians? Do you feel the same way they do? 

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Beautifully said.

thank you, i still feel apologetic to those that i've offended. but i do feel glad on letting many others know of my thoughts and my opinion and how i feel about this topic. thanks for your support and i hope that one day, and soon enough, that we can change the minds of the millions who still eat meat and to show them that the choices we made was not for the right or the wrong, but for the health of our bodies that we chose to be vegetarians and vegans. it is also to allow us to be compassionate, humane and loving to those around us, regardless of whether they are human or animal. all should be treated equally, as animals, like us, also wishes to live on. animals have feelings, they think, they love, and they care, thus they are like us humans. i choose vegetarianism because i choose to live a life where i will not take the life of others to continue living. be vegetarian/vegan, be proud, show everyone that being vegetarian/vegan is not a bad thing. we must strive to let the millions more to know that being vegetarian/vegan is not "Gods word", it is by choice, it is not a religion, it does not belong to any religions, it belongs to the world and every individual. to be vegetarian/vegan is the belief than many of us go through, many of us are vegetarian/vegan for many reasons, and i for one, believe that there must be not hate for ones belief to spread. one must love, have the pride, have no shame to spread the word that vegetarianism/vegan is not the word of God or the order of God, but the choice we made, to live in a future of compassion and love, not sadness, brutality and hate. thank you

It's hard to hate a group of people that stick to what they believe in, because that's what we are. People are always going to have different opinions and are always going to argue over it, best thing to do is just bite your tongue and don't talk about it.

we are humans, we make choices, right or wrong, that is what makes us human, human. even though we differ in opinion, we must not hate. only love and compassion will win the fated argument both sides. i believe that one must voice their opinions, as one has the exact right as every man and woman to do so. i dont think that we should bite our tongues and dont talk about it. you do make a point, but my thought on it is that we should not argue our differences, that we should find our common grounds and work from it, to show people that sometimes the steep hill is always better then the flat grounds. we all have the right to believe in what we want. religion has nothing to do with personal diet, that it is a belief and choice, not the order of God or who so ever told you to. i probably went off track but yea, sorry. i just think that letting others know of our opinion allows up to plant this idea of vegetarianism/vegan into the minds of others. there are many who spends decades to realize the idea of vegetarianism/vegan. voicing an opinion allows us to plant a seed into others heart so that one day, if they choose to do so, will make the choice of whether or not they will partake this journey to vegetarianism/vegan or to continue on without a change. thank you very much.

no hatred is a very good policy

I would never stop campaigning vegetarianism to people, but I find that pushing it on them just doesn't work. Same as how Christians have stopped trying to push their religion on others :)

hmmmm, not all Christains have stopped that.  in fact it increases from time to time.  some sects are evangelical and some are not is all.

this, I agree

it is true, i agree that many are very adamant about their faith and that we should respect their trust and belief. But one thing everyone should learn is to know when to stop. i feel that campaigning vegetarianism is just the same as the christians trying to "push" their religion onto others, but that is just their faith and belief. their action is like what we vegetarians and vegans are doing, we are trying to show people the goodness of vegetarianism/vegan like the christians trying to show others the goodness of god through their beliefs. i personally was never a christian, thou i am not interested in being one either, but i respect that these people choose to have a belief and religion to make them feel safe and comfortable with life. 

you may find anti-christian sects, anti-vegetarian or anti-vegan sects. there are thousands that oppose our beliefs as they believe its wrong. we can not judge them as it is their choice to not believe, their choice to believe in things different to ours. we cannot absolutely say that "all" christians have stopped, there are still many that still continue to embrace the Lords/Gods wishes and ideal to others, but we have no right to stop them. life is a choice, we choose the right or the wrong, and that is the same for us vegetarians and vegans. we also wish for the millions more to embrace our ideal, our belief that vegetarianism/vegan is good. to show them that we being vegetarian/vegan is not a religion, but a belief that all living things should be treated equally, no matter if they are animal or not. we should not eat them as they, like us, have feelings, have a heart and love for their families. we should allow others to understand the meaning behind our choices to being a vegetarian or vegan, not tell them to be vegetarian/vegan. to allow them to know the idea of being a vegetarian/vegan is good. to show them that we are not doing this for the sake of the heavens and God, but for the sake of ourselves. our actions are the same as every one of the christians who, many believe that they are "pushing" their religions on to others, that their actions are the same as us, who are trying to push others to be vegetarians/vegans. i believe there are right and wrongs in that action but i believe that we can change that action to one that does not ensue force but through ideal that maybe God and christianity is a good religion to embrace, maybe being a vegetarian or vegan is something that we should try out and follow through.

i just think that we should not talk about others as we are doing the same thing as they are. i believe that we should just give people the idea of vegetarianism/vegan so that one day, if they so wish to embrace it, they will choose to do so when that day comes. thanks and i hope i dont offend any one of you guys. :)

Ian, you'll find that the same hateful people who try and push their philosophy are sooo far from perfect. Often they are the worst cases of exploitative individuals, and they project onto others to make themselves feel like they aren't in reality a horrible person. I agree with you completely- you must be a very happy person, to uphold such a noble philosophy :) You can't live a kind life without kindness, and bigotry is outdated and needs to be stamped out.

yes, totally. no one is perfect. you can only strive towards it, but not be perfect. it will a great feat for such an event to happen, but if one lives in a perfect world, it will be dull( that is of course, in my opinion), though a perfect world will be where life will exist in peace and kindness, and that is where i want to go to. there will always be that 1% or 10% of people who will always be on the negative side of things but that can't be helped, as that is who they are. i thank you for understanding my thoughts and opinion of this topic, thou i hardly commend it to be noble haha, i still make faults everyday but try my best to not make the same mistake. living in a life without kindness and such will be a terrible world, a world of tyranny and negativity. to stamp it out will be like trying to climb a mountain , the journey will be hard and perilous, but to reach the end where the world is of happiness, compassion, and love, will be worth the journey for i wish for day to come where no life will no longer be sacrificed for the sake of our own survival.

Absolutely. Sadly there is much sexism and racism within the veg*n community, which is at odds with everything that compassion stands for. You have to walk to walk rather than just talking the talk. Being a veg*n of any kind doesn't excuse you being a hateful monster.

Not a problem at all :) I really respect your views, I wish your attitude was more contagious.


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