Veg*ns! How do you feel about Christians? (Sorry if I offend anyone)

So I have lots of veg*n and I couldn't stop noticing that most of them seem to express a strong hatred of Christians. Lots of them seem to be friendly towards me but it turns out that they only hate when people use God as an excuse to eat animals.

I want a truthful answer here. How do you feel about Christians? Do you feel the same way they do? 

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If it helps, i have as much disdain for all knowing atheists as i do Christians.  the whole self righteous attitude among both groups is silly.

I agree.  Self righteous behavior can be found in all types of people.

Indeed! <3

Well, I used to be Christian- so, it doesn't really bother me. Whatever anyone wants to believe, it doesn't bother me. I'm secure in myself and what I believe, so what someone else believes- it doesn't make me mad or annoy me or anything. Whatever people want to believe, it's no one else's business. It does make me mad when Christians try to use God as a reason to EAT animals, when it should be about compassion- but even if they were atheist, those same people would make up a different excuse to hide behind to continue on their way.

This is a VERY BROAD question.  Christianity is a religion, based on a group of individuals.  I don't wish to make a generalized statement for fear of stereo typing.  For example, in turn a Christian could ask, "how do you feel about Vegans?" 

So, I can only speak from my personal experience of growing up in a Christian household, going to Christian school and living a Christian lifestyle as a kid.  Christians try to be "Christ-like" which is whom they feel is the best "mentor" or example of a good human being and human behavior.  This is probably where Russell picks up on the "self righteous attitudes"  Although, Jesus was far from that.  They see Jesus as a simple man with true, unconditional love, no hate, no judgement and on earth solely to help, heal and save others.

The "eating of animals" in the Christian religion is a matter of choice.  Not ALL Christians eat meat.  Christians do not believe in living the same as the old testament days because they believe when Jesus came, all that changed.  Christians only live according to the New Testament.  No sacrificing of animals had to made in the New Testament because Jesus became the "ultimate sacrificial lamb"

Christians follow the Bible's rules and regulations in order to maintain this Christ like behavior, that will ultimately give them eternal life.  The problem occurs when they can not see outside of there own belief system, but again this is not all Christians.  I personally see nothing wrong with it.  It is just to narrow minded for me personally.  I left the church when I realized I was living in a "bubble"  Many people feel safe and like the protection of a bubble, but this butterfly could not survive in a bubble :)

I'm afraid I've had too many bad experiences with christians. They claim to live only by the new testament but are awfully quick to quote the old one when it comes to whether being gay is a sin or not.. And of course, there is the argument about how Jesus said that everything in the old testament still applies. As an added bonus, 98% of the christians I've talked to have not even read the bible. I have read the bible and that's the reason I stopped being a christian.

However, I have absolutely nothing against anyone's religion, as long as they keep it to themselves. And that's the key point isn't it. It's almost impossible to escape christianity in most western countries that supposedly have freedom of (and from) religion; sundays (affects businesses and public transport), holy holidays (Easter, Christmas; same as sundays), education in schools (RE taught from a christian point of view, very biased, and in some places like US, it even tampers with what is taught in other classes), gay marriage (not equal to civil partnership), etc. While there are good christians, who live good moral lives, there are also plenty of those who live selfish, greedy and obnoxious lives and cause more harm than good, and still consider themselves better people than dirty heathens..

I don't know how those people you know feel.  But i think I can make a general statement for a critique of Christianity.  Many secularists hold Christianity responsible for most of the wars in the world.  The Inquisition is a good example.  Throughout time, Christians have used there religion as an excuse to wage war on "heathens."  Secularists don't like that.  

Various vegans also may be in the camp of social activism where there might be a lot of anti-religious sentiment.  So I wouldn't doubt that most vegan activists are not in agreement with religion at all, and Christianity is often the target because they hold more power in the world and their methods of recruitment or evangelism are more fierce and forceful than most other religions.

That being said, of course it can all be argued away because there are different types of Christians and they don't all act the same.  Beyond that, there may be sharp disagreement about whether Christians are rightful to evangelize forcefully.  For instance, one a good friend's husband told me that the Natives of America were heathens and they deserved to be slaughtered by the whole Thanksgiving "welcoming committee." The history is there but of course the take on history may vary.

I like what one Christian told me in response to my shock about that incident mentioned above.  She said that a Christian should lay their life down for Christ and be ready to lose it before they take another life in the name of Christ.  I believe this view is more authentic because it shows astounding humility in faith toward God in attempting to bring the word to others.

So all in all, that is their but like the others have said, its a broad subject and it would be hard to generalize.  It might be worth discussing more about whether or not Christians feel that they are responsible for war crimes on the planet.

do you know?
Yesus is Vegetarian...

Yes, of course.  All masters of the spirit must be vegetarian and all practice no-harm.  Philo, Josephus, James, Thomas, many quotes prove that John the  Baptist and Jesus, their family members and initiates, communities were vegetarians, just as Buddha, Pythagoras, Plutarch, Krisna, Rumi, Nanak, etc all have been. All meditate within the "single eye" and speak of light and mystical vibration or "Word" "Logos" "Music of the Spheres" "Om" "Aum" "Amen" etc. There is a line unbroken of masters who are initiated into this practice, and in turn, initiate and pass along the mantle for the inner experiences for those whose levels have reached that point via reincarnation. There is SO MUCH available information on this that I am always shocked that the entire world does not seem to be clued in to this. The history reveals that the Romans obliterated multitudes of  vegetarian holy people, followers, words and records until the way of inner light and sound meditation and reincarnation, veg diet were almost wiped out.  However, it is so simple and easy today to find all references as well as the connections to many cultures and lands and holy people down through the ages.

I disagree with your statement that Christians feel superior to animals because of there being created in Gods image.  If Christians were created in God's image, and he created the animals, then there is no "superiority" Furthermore,  Jesus actually metaphorically called himself the "Lamb of God."  Can't have any more equality than that. 

I agree. Apart from people on this site, all I EVER hear from christians is that humans are above animals and that animals were placed on this earth to serve humans and to provide us with food and fur etc. I have never heard a non vegetarian christian say anything else. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that there are some sensible christians who don't think of themselves as better than everyone else and any other species, it's actually given me hope that not all christians are evil, lol.

That's funny, as a Christian surrounded by Christians I've never heard that, not once.


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