Veg*ns! How do you feel about Christians? (Sorry if I offend anyone)

So I have lots of veg*n and I couldn't stop noticing that most of them seem to express a strong hatred of Christians. Lots of them seem to be friendly towards me but it turns out that they only hate when people use God as an excuse to eat animals.

I want a truthful answer here. How do you feel about Christians? Do you feel the same way they do? 

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Well said.

I agree, well said William

Honestly?  Well I must admit that if and when I'm told someone is a Christian I feel uncomfortable.  I can't explain why exactly.  I was brought up as a Roman Catholic Haha.  I don't know if anyone understands the effect this has and how difficult it is to free yourself from the feelings and memories of the confessional box and the rituals of the first communion etc.  Weirdness.

An ex-colleague sent an email to a few of us at work this week and told us a 'funny' story about how her 5yr old niece was talking about how she had learned at school about Jesus being nailed to the cross and asked why they had used nails when they could have used blue tac...  I really don't like it that they are teaching this to 5 year olds.  As fact.

Religion should be all about compassion for everyone and everything and that should include not using, abusing, torturing or killing for any reason ALL the time, not just on certain days of the year.

Also I don't think I like groups where people all profess to feel the same.

Amen : )

This is how I feel as well. I was shocked to the core when, a few years back, I did work experience at a local primary school. One of my tasks was to mark third graders RE exams and I felt sick reading the questions and answers; all were stated as facts and not from a "this is what christians believe" point of view.

I was raised Catholic all my life and went to Catholic school and church until I was 18. After age 18 I never went back to church again. I now believe that this is a ridiculous religion.When the pope himself tries to put the molestation of children by catholic priests under the rug and women are supposed to have babies until they die because youre a sinner if you practice birth control there is something wrong with that religion. I also dislike the idea that anybody who doesnt follow this they are going to hell. I dont hate Christians or people who believe in God. I dont understand atheists either. I believe religion should be kept personal and private. That way people wouldnt be dying in wars for hundreds of years because of it. I dont hate people who eat meat but I dont have to do it if I dont want to. I believe everyones life is sacred and special. And animals are nicer and less opionated that most humans.

My interactions with individuals of the Christian faith has always been a complex one.

I was born to a Jewish family, so when some Christians found that out, all they could do was tell me I killed Jesus and that I was going to hell. Most didn't care one way or another. But I was also brainwashed within the Jewish community and one teacher at my Hebrew school tried to brainwash my peers and I into Zionism.

So I pretty much hate religion. Mostly the way it is manipulated by humans to satisfy their blood lust to kill other humans and non-humans. I hate hypocrites. And I also hate people that are only nice to others "because God told them to". I don't trust people like that. If you need compensation or a reward to have the common decency to be good to other people then you need a reality check.

But Jesus himself seems like a pretty cool dude.

People have turned religion into a weapon of hatred and dominance and that's something I don't approve of. Individuals who believe in a religion are simply going about their daily lives. But mass groups using religion to aid their goals can lead to a lot of hatred. It's lead to wars, sexism, racism, ethnophobia, phobia of non-Christian religions, covering up the actions of men molesting/raping children and homophobia/GSM-phobia.

One of my best friends was kicked out of his house for being non-heteronormative and nearly starved to death because his sister turned him into his parents. Those kinds of actions are something I cannot forgive, and having heard so many stories of women suffering from reproductive rights being taken away due to religious institutions trying to shut down Planned Parenthood to GSM youth being kicked out of their houses and left to die on the streets has left me bitter about religion.

Are religious people bad? No, not when they think for themselves or aren't part of a hateful group. Is every religious institution bad? No, but that again depends on its individuals. But religion has been used for hate for so long that as seriously effected so many groups that I cannot abide by it or take it seriously. Ever.

Well to be fair- religion isn't the main reason behind a lot of wars, it's greed. If those same people didn't have religion, they'd find another reason to hide behind. Also, a lot of good is done behind religion- so I'd just say it's the person who is attracted to the religion and their personal reasons, whether it's distorting the views, or trying to do good. Religion doesn't make a person who they are, nor does it make people evil, and the absence of religion would not remove violence from the world, or hatred. People are violent, people are hateful at times- they will find another way to justify their actions.

sounds fair enough.  greed is considered one of the first follow ups to attachment in Buddhist philosophy.  I think its true what you say...

however...some religions seem to propound philosophies which do seem to lean toward conquest.  Especially evangelical religious thought.  So since their way is the right way, then their purpose is to divide and conquer.  So the problem is a bit systemic.  Systematically, some religions believe that forcing is the way to spreading peace.

Those who concentrate on the more inward mystical practices of any given religion are far and few between, such as Sufis, Essenes, Kabbalists, to name a few of the Judeo-Christian branches.  For me Buddhism is the safest because Buddha made it forbidden to preach to the faithless, so teachers are supposed to just kind of wait before they open their mouth to someone, wait for someone to ask questions.  It is not allowed to spread by force.

That is a great rule- no preaching to those who don't share your views, haha. You are right, some people do shove it down people's throats, and that turns a lot of people away, as it should. That's very interesting about Buddhism, don't know too much about it. I think the best relationship you can have spiritually is a personal one; it is a very personal journey, trying to force people to follow the same path is futile, and really takes any meaning out of it.

-You are right, some people do shove it down people's throats, and that turns a lot of people away, as it should.

You're right, and the same could be said for Veg@ans, or any other group for that matter. I wish we (earthlings) were the compassionate, tolerant beings we profess to be.

I also agree that people shouldn't only do good because they want to go to heaven. I know a christian guy who says that if he wasn't afraid of afterlife he'd go around murdering and stealing.. At the same time he says that he is not without sin but that it doesn't matter because Jesus died for his sins. Yes, an impossible person to have conversation with, constantly contradicting himself.

I want to be good because I AM good and not because I'm afraid of the consequences of not being good when I die.


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