Veg*ns! How do you feel about Christians? (Sorry if I offend anyone)

So I have lots of veg*n and I couldn't stop noticing that most of them seem to express a strong hatred of Christians. Lots of them seem to be friendly towards me but it turns out that they only hate when people use God as an excuse to eat animals.

I want a truthful answer here. How do you feel about Christians? Do you feel the same way they do? 

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At the risk of being lambasted, I've read through these posts and I'm puzzled. There seems to be a lot of judging going on; Assumptions to the workings of the hearts of others based on their belief in God. Many of you who identify yourselves as vegetarians seem very hostile and it's hard to understand why you feel superiority to others, be they Christians, Jews or otherwise, especially while you continue to eat and use the bi-products of animals.

It’s those people, I propose this thought. While you discredit and demean others for their personal beliefs, I would ask you look in the mirror before casting judgment. While I appreciate your efforts in living a cruelty free life or taking steps in that direction, you have a long path to go before your hands are clean. I don’t think it matters what drives a person to a more compassionate life as long as they get there.

Judge not, that ye be not judged. -Matthew 7:1

I sometimes use God as a reason not to kill. We shall not kill. This is Gods words, and by killing one turns the back on God. I think not killing is one of the most important things. If there is anything in the Bible worth listening to, it's this. Love is good. Killing is a sin.

The Bible also says that God made all the plants, and this are our food. And then he created the animals. Some Christians doesn't eat meat because it's against Gods will. And Gods will is quite different from person to person. Some people will tell you that God wants as to kill all day long, both human and animals, others will tell us that God only wants us to kill animals, and some will tell us that God doesn't want us to kill.

God is not an excuse to eat animals. The Bible says that we should eat plants.

God or not; Christians will defend their beliefs with the Bible. Anyway what they beliefs is. This is similar to all religion. Every individual defends their own personal view with words from the book of theirs. They also read the same line differently. Some will say "this line means that we have a responsibility, like a parent!" while others will say "this line means that we shall kill animals all day long, treat them really badly, bath in their blood and eat their flesh!" Nobody really do things because Gods tells them.

the bible obviosly wants us to live in harmony with animals, so the majority of christians are hypocrits, whats not to hate about hypocrits?

Nothing at all, buahahahahaha!!! I even made a group against them, that's how much I detest them.

lol can i join =]

Sure as heck you can :) Your insights are either spot-on, hilarious, or a genius mixture of both.

True. They can easily hate gay people but are all for wearing different fabrics at once :')

I'm vegetarian and christian also)))
hatred is not the way of living, for sure

wow, that seems pretty direct, if not rude.

I think its not a good thing to just generalize Christians. There are Seventh day Adventist christians who are vegetarians.

I studied in a christian school and know a little about Christianity (although I'm not Christian). Most Christians I've come across are very nice loving and caring people with good morals.

The one thing that bothered me a little was their missionary/conversion tactics. But most Christians I know don't fully involve in that.

It's very interesting. I agree with you, I think veg*sm suits most all religions, if not all, and it's nice to meet people from different walks of faith who embrace a meat-less lifestyle :)

Yes I grew up as Christian as well, however, while I am thankful for the the wonderful and friendly people I met, I feel very angry at the tactics and what they tried to make me believe about my fate and self.  I also find it incredibly offensive that they make little children scared with threats of hell, burning and, make them ashamed by teaching them to believe they are sinners and are bad.  When it comes to Christmas, ok your choice but lying to children and treating them like they are stupid just never sat well with me either. 

Also, I believe children are far more intelligent then adults in terms of being a veg.  Allow children to see how the meat gets there and i guarentee they would not want to eat it.  Thirdly, turning children into mindless individuals who just go threw the motions is not going to make the world a better place in my opinion.  Instead, free thinking children will have many of the values present in religions without the harmful affects it has on the people and the earth.  For example, no birthcontrol and the billions of dollars religions collect from people who should be using the money to feed themselves.  If we just had a chance to be free thinking people, religion would be meaningless. 


I agree. Very sad that many people using shaming and scare tactics in religion. Sadly it can draw a lot of close-minded individuals who seek doctrine but not really any sort of spiritual enlightenment, lol. I do agree we shouldn't indoctrinate people, especially children- with boogeyman stories. My parents never pushed religion on me as a child, they were very respectful and I appreciate that to this day. Religion and spirituality is never one size fits all, and telling people they're evil or going to hell because a different way feels right is disgusting. Children SHOULD be educated about their food sources- or else we are just indoctrinating them once again in eating meat. Like you said, I doubt if children KNEW that they would continue to do so. They eat what we push in front of them, they should have an educated choice. Not be brainwashed.


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