Depression runs in my family. I used to struggle with depression most of my life too. When I went vegetarian 2 years ago, and recently went vegan, I am hardly ever sad! I am full of energy and more happy than I have ever been. My stress levels are also down. So tell me did this happen to you? Are you set free from the chains of this world that bring us down? Did being a veg open your heart?

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I have depression in the family too, and same I used to struggle with it. But now I'm vegan, I've seen a change in myself, where I'm happy being me. :) 

Depression is like anger, or you control it or it controls you! I believe that good nutrition, entertainment and sleep well makes a big difference against depression. My mother suffers from depression for over ten years, she gave herself completely, a wasted life.

I definitely noticed a change in my overall happiness since going vegan. When you go vegan, you take control of your impact on the world. That makes me feel good.

I definitely feel in control!

I have noticed a huge difference! even being vegetarian i was still quite depressed but when i went vegan i felt in control of my emotions. I had better energy levels, felt happier more frequently and didn't have to struggle with feeling guilty over the animal products i was eating. it's such a freeing experience!

Jeneen that is awesome! I am so happy to hear that others are having the same experience! Yes for me i really changed once going fully vegan. We are so used to self sabotaging ourselves and feeling like we don't deserve happiness, until you go vegan!

It really makes you feel clean, body mind and soul! glad you're feeling the same way :)

Being vegetarian has not helped my depression in the least, and over the years, my depression has never gotten better with a healthy diet. I wish it were that way for me and I'm very glad that happened for you.

It depends on what you're depressed about. So for instance (like me) I felt like I didn't have any ambition and I was very insecure, and being vegetarian wasn't enough, I HAD to go vegan. And It did help. But if your issues are somewhere else then you might not be as fulfilled. But don't give up ! :) 

Well, I'm not depressed about anything, really. I'm depressed about everything because that's how my clinical depression works. But thanks for the encouragement.

It hasn't helped mine much either. There is a difference between just feeling sad or down on yourself, and clinical depression. A lot of things have improved for me since going vegan . . . my self-image, the way I perceive the rest of the world, my ability to control my anger, and obviously, there have been excellent physical side-effects . . . but I STILL struggle with depression. I'm sure there are dietary things we could do to improve it, but it would probably be a lot of research and trial and error.

Being vegan feels like a constant flow of love that goes out from me to the world with every decision I make in my live, and somehow I feel that love coming back from the world to me some times :) I think that would be an accurate answer to your question.


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