Depression runs in my family. I used to struggle with depression most of my life too. When I went vegetarian 2 years ago, and recently went vegan, I am hardly ever sad! I am full of energy and more happy than I have ever been. My stress levels are also down. So tell me did this happen to you? Are you set free from the chains of this world that bring us down? Did being a veg open your heart?

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That's a nice answer.

I can understand where some of you are coming from when you say that you've noticed a huge amount of change, but still have clinical depression.  I just want you to know that what you have done so far is better than nothing! I'm very proud of all of you!

A vegetarian diet has made my depression worse actually. I used to not think about all the bad things that happen to animals, and then when I looked into it, started watching videos... It's gotten a lot worse. Now I can't stop thinking about the death, torture etc. of all the animals, caused by me and other people unless I find a distraction. But distractions are just that, only temporary.

Think about the positive change you've made in your life. You've reduced your negative impact on the world, along with a growing community of people who see things the same as you.

Im Vegan and I never felt soooo happy in my life, the only thing that brings me depresion is to deal with people who cannot stand that Im Vegan as if Im been doing something bad to them, what they care?
I say I feel happy because all my life I been like a very depresed person. But ofcurse I feel very sad for the animals but even before become Vegan I was feeling very sad

been ovo-lacto vegetarian for about four months, i haven't noticed any difference in my body, but i feel a little better about the damage to other species. Still have to deal with my friends not understanding why i don't eat the "precious meat". It's a cultural thing here where i live, i have hope it will change soon. 

yea absolutely :) I also started to perceive everything alive much more than before


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