Got any? On a recent trip I noticed the city I was in had vegan or at least vegetarian options for EVERYTHING, it was so nice to be able to eat more than salad or some side. Don't have a lot where I'm at now but it's still not as bad as some places I suppose.

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I was happy yesterday when I was out shopping I found a vegetarian restaurant thats around where Im from ;-) but mostly  restuarants  are pretty good at having something thats  for vegetarians .

Most restaurants in Australia have the standard Vegetarian lasagne or Vegetarian risotto. All a little boring after a while. Some places have quite an extensive vegetarian / vegan menu. We have a lot of Buddist restaurants but they use a lot of the faux meats which I am not a huge fan of. Most take away cafes have meatless choices but can not guarantee there may be traces. Same utensils and preparation area. I do tend to go to the strictly vegetarian places like Vege Rama, Govindas etc.

Los Angeles is definitely a good place to find vegan foods! 

I have lived here for 4 years and rarely have I found places that don't offer at least some vegan or vegetarian options. 

Some will do it for any dish (changing to tofu or fake meat) others will simply have a list of veg foods. However, there are many restaurants that are completely vegan. Veggie burger is my fav. fast food kind of thing, followed by LA vegan )thai food). I also loooove the counter's veggie burger! 

The options are definitely out there, especially in the wealthier parts of the city-but not limited to that! 

have fun

I have to second (third? fourth?)  Los Angeles, California, especially the coastal neighborhoods (Santa Monica, Venice), and the Hollywood area (where I live!).  Vegan and vegetarian restaurants are extremely prevalent, and even non-vegetarian restaurants are veg-friendly, with many options.  I have also had waitstaff and chefs at restaurants put something together just for me!  One of the best parts about eating out as a vegan in Los Angeles is that the diet is comparatively common here, especially with so many celebrities now jumping on the bandwagon, so it doesn't take as much explaining as I've had to do in other places.  Most people in the food industry know exactly what "vegan" means and can make suggestions and support a vegan or vegetarian patron.

if youre in Australia, Melbourne is good.

Sedona, Arizona for sure! Portland, Oregon too.

The only other I know of is in Brazil, Florionopolis.

Why Sedona? I live in Tucson so I would like to check it out. Tucson is pretty vegan friendly and lots of GMO alternatives.

SEATTLE! I moved here a year ago and I became a Vegan here. So many places to eat and i'm not picked on much here ever. Vegan grocery store, many restaurants, clubs, etc. 

nepal.. any of city

We have lots of vegan places here in Los Angeles!

California Bay Area has a lot, a super lot.  One of my fav's is Merit Vegetarian (yelp site they not only have hot and fresh food, (their fake meat is very great texture!) they educate on why vegetarian is a good way to go via tv screens showing programs promoting this). Whole Foods, Sprouts are blossoming up everywhere, too.   Sunnyvale is central to other large cities like San Jose, Santa Clara and 1 hr from San Francisco, which also I'm sure has a plethora of vegan options...time to eat I'm hungry now lol



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