Hello, I'm Peter and have been a vegan for some 10 years, before that I was vegetarian for some 20 years. I found this forum link on Happy Cow,to which I've recently started contributing, as there are few veggie restaurants listed in my part of France.
I live deep in the Poitou area, between Nantes and Niort with the nearest town Parthenay some 15km away. Our house is quite isolated among the fields, with no neighbours for about 500m, so it's pretty quiet most of the time (that's the way we like it). Our "closest" neighbours are all French, so my wife and I speak little English away from home. It's a novelty to join an anglophone forum, as I've been used to French ones for a while.
We've been here about 14 years, and have recently retired so we're used to coping with vegan living in a rural area where we're still regarded as a rare species, though there are plenty of young vegans in French cities, with whom we have forum contact. It works fine except that eating out is a rare thing.
We're quiet activists for animal rights and veganism, and support Peta as well as a number of French groups. It is not easy locally to be animal activist as we're surrounded by livestock farmers, there are nearby hunts, and French attitudes are slow to change around here. You just have to keep persuading and showing them vegans can be as healthy as omnivores!

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