Hi everybody!

I'm new on this site and I registered to find some friends, ideas and support about veganism:

I've been a long time vegetarian, I'm quite new to veganism (this year), and I just settled down in Papeete, Tahiti (by the way, I'm French, basically from Paris, but I lived in a small town in the North East of France during the last 2 years.).

Life is good here, though I have a hard time to find various vegan options (I can only find big tofu blocks, when I was used to have myself delivered a lot of different products: chicken-like pieces, "meat" balls, fake bacon, etc...

I still manage some recipes, like "meat" sauce pastas (yum!!), indian dahls, and stuff, but my options are a lot more restricted.

Also, my meat-eater husband doesn't understand at all my transition to veganism. He knew me as a vegetarian, at the time, he showed himself quite open-minded about it, but since I decided to transition to veganism, it´s like he's totally narrowed his mind: he says it's going too far and doesn't understand why I'm going this way (since milk and eggs "don't kill" animals), he keeps asking me if I want some cheese, or icecream, etc... And he seems unhappy with everything I cook (and I'm almost the only one to cook)...

Has anyone gone through something like that?

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