"What do you think about parents forcing veganism on their children? It is no different than parents forcing anti-racist or anti-sexist beliefs on their children."

Ain't I glad that I "forced" veganism on my children ! Blessed are they to carry forward a legacy of kindness towards all beings.

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Forcing anything is bad I think. Children are more compassionate than grownups. They won't consume meat if we can effectively explain to them how much pain animals go through to be a piece of meat in our plates.

Sorry about the site. Yes it was me replying to Ananta's comment about this sites low user engagement. Me too don't want to loose my vegfriends.

I am not aware of their revenue generation model, but I think it is going to soon end unless it get donations.

About Kids, I think every kid is born vegan, and its the society who makes it a non vegan.   


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