"Vegan Militants" (why do vegetarians/veggies dislike PETA?)

discussing with several people on this website, i have found that very little people here like PETA. or those who are "extreme about their beliefs." but yet, these same people want to say everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 

i want to know what exactly people have against PETA. who i'm sure does more for animals rights and vegetarian/vegan promotion than any of us here. in fact, many people become vegetarian/vegan because of PETA's activities. 

and what exactly does it mean to be "extreme" about your beliefs? what is so extreme about not supporting animal cruelty and the other environmental factors involved with the meat & dairy industries and conforming to your own diet? "extreme" in this sense takes a very negative connotation and i wish people would not use it.

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i have also been called a vegan militant quite a few times by people on this very site.

I actually like PETA and think they are doing excellent work.  But what I like about them is that they are going to extremes to convey their message to a society that is extreme in animal torture and violence.  So I think we always have to take into account what audience is being spoken to.

What people mean by "militant vegans" is when a vegan tells another meat eater, or vegetarian for that matter that they themselves are right and the other person is wrong.  Let's look at the United States Constitution, specifically the bill of rights...everyone has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...but those are inalienable rights, meaning no one can take them away from you.  If anyone's opinion is striving to overshadow another person's opinion, that is where the mistake is.

So if I say eat meat (which I don't), and you say I am wrong to do that, then I would say you are more wrong to tell me I am wrong then any wrong I have done.  Converting people to vegetarianism, veganism, or any ism for that matter works better when the person you talk to actually wants to listen to you.

well, I m not a "militant vegan", but I dislike the "we are free to choose"-arguement because in my opinion we are just free as long as we do not hurt others with our actions. There is no difference between someone that kills a Person direktly with a knife and someone that supports a system that kills/hurts people. I guess you all know what outcome meat consume in afrika has, for example. And in my opinion animals should have the same right as human, because they feel like we do, also a right to life!! I dont want to compare eating meat with the 3.Reich, but its very similar: commercials and tradition hide you of all the bad things that are products of your lifestyle. Im sure most of the people nowadays know about the outcome, but the worldwide system is too complex to be disturbed so they use "it doesnt change anything"as their alibi. You may think, Im a militant vegan now, but I dont tell anyone he is wrong and I am right, but i think we have to tell as many people as possible that there is an alternative anf that it IS possible to change something, although its just a very small change in personal lifestyle.

Well said Amy! Animals should have the right to life and protection from cruelty,torture. Anyone who harms an animal should be processed through the criminal courts no differently than if their victim was  a human.

PS PETA have a lot of high kill animal shelters so it's their hypocrisy and taking of donations from people for animal welfare [them unaware of the high kill shelters] that people object to about PETA.

Wait, wasn't that the part that peta "enemies" told about in rumors? I remember that peta afterwards showed what it's like in these shelters!

PETA's own site admitted their high kill rate, but said it's because they get the worst cases.
Sorry, I don't find that convincing.

The small animal facility at PETA's Norfolk headquarters isn't a traditional "open-to-the-public" "animal shelter" in the colloquial way that "animal shelters" are generally referred to.  The primary purpose of PETA's small Norfolk animal facility is to meet the specific individual needs of animals who require PETA's assistance, not to attract and find homes for adoptable animals. Most of the animals who enter PETA's physical facility require humane euthanasia for a current crisis of illness, injury, or emotional devastation, but that doesn't mean that the individual needs of the relatively few adoptable animals PETA receives aren't being taken into consideration and appropriately met. PETA does have adoption protocols in place, despite the fact that they're not a traditional "animal shelter." Adoptable animals who are not found immediate placement in adoptive or foster homes by PETA are transferred to the Virginia Beach SPCA, and other high-traffic/high-adoption shelters in their area.

A vegan insisting that a meat eater is wrong[to support animal cruelty as the consumer] is not MORE wrong than the person whose actions sanction such cruelty to an animal. Sorry , that is whack logic there,Fruitfly. How can my temporarily hurting your feelings even be comparable,nevermind worse, than the horrendous lives and deaths  these defenceless animals endure ? Typical human arrogance thinking only their way of life is sacred. If you don't like my views you can walk away/choose not to participate,animals can;t make those choices when they don't like slaughterers/meat eaters views.

You're wrong. :)

A person loses their freedom of choice when their choice intrudes on anothers right to live. Pointing out the cruel behaviour of somebody is not wrong, not is it more wrong than the act itself. Im sorry but that logic is whats driving the entire "but it's my choice to eat meat" argument vegans receive, and nobody should help fuel that ignorant argument along. 

.... what?? the people of PETA would never do such a thing!!

and exactly!! i don't ever talk about it either, cause people would tell me i'm forcing my vegetarianim on them. and they have to have their method to save live because, who else would??

Faith, the literature about their high kill shelters are out there because it's true. I have seen much literature on it so just google search PETA high kill shelters or something similar.

Carly, you talk alot about "high kill shelters", but do you know how many enemies PETA has? Do you know how many companies would publish those articles who are.. true? or big fat lies? just to hurt PETA's reputation within animal protectors circle? 

I wonder in witch information we can believe this days... are you going to believe in that or are you going to reach out to PETA and find out the truth? 


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