"Vegan Militants" (why do vegetarians/veggies dislike PETA?)

discussing with several people on this website, i have found that very little people here like PETA. or those who are "extreme about their beliefs." but yet, these same people want to say everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 

i want to know what exactly people have against PETA. who i'm sure does more for animals rights and vegetarian/vegan promotion than any of us here. in fact, many people become vegetarian/vegan because of PETA's activities. 

and what exactly does it mean to be "extreme" about your beliefs? what is so extreme about not supporting animal cruelty and the other environmental factors involved with the meat & dairy industries and conforming to your own diet? "extreme" in this sense takes a very negative connotation and i wish people would not use it.

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I cant support a group who thinks its ok to throw red paint on someone because they are wearing an animal. If I was into fur coats nd someone did that to me, Id just go out and buy another. so it actually helps kill mmore animals. Plus , they seem to care more about making a headline then the animals. I think that when we talk to people about our beliefs, we need to be tactful. I am a supporter of Compassion Over Killing and Take Part (though Take Part isnt necessarily vegetarian, but they do a gpod job of pointing out the lies in the food industry. They also have other areas of interest.)COK has been doing an awesome job of using tact to get laws passed so though the animals are still getting killed, they are treated more humanely and hopefully they keep going with the baby steps. :)

I can't speak for anyone but myself. I believe in and promote vegetarianism for a number of reasons, including the compassion for animals angle. I think PETA has done some good, maybe a lot. I've never called them "extremists" but that probably parallels my opinion of them, because for one thing their tactics seem to be deliberately calculated to be as offensive as possible. I realize some think that is needed; I believe that activism without tact creates more resistance to the message than thoughtful consideration.
The other item that concerns me about their practice of max-kill instead of no-kill or even limited-kill policies at their shelters. Some folks here doubt that and say they're just rumors from industry conspirators. Well, there are in fact industry organizations that do that (and no, I'm not connected with them). But the hell of it is, they don't have to make stuff up. It has been well documented in public records and their own website says it's because they get the worst cases and shows several of those. But that does NOT address the ratio. In 2012 at the flagship HQ facility they adopted out 12 dogs from 733 incoming. TWELVE??? 609 went into the giant freezer till the crematorium came to pick them up. Cats, 1110 in, 1,045 killed, SEVEN adopted. But you don't need to believe me, you can read it yourself. Their website statement, then a sample of the articles with lovely pictures from right-wing apologists HuffPo. Comparing the two, I find it hard to buy the PETA statements of why they kill at the rates they do at face value. I must conclude they'd rather use the money to throw red dye on people and do other publicity stunts. Consciousness raising, fine. Doing it so obnoxiously the carnivore humanoids hate us for it, not so fine. Killing to the max, not fine either. That's why I cannot get behind them.


I had no idea that PETA killed animals. Thanks for enlightening me, Jim. I will no longer donate to them.

I'm with you on this. Why do people hate them?
I definitely gained a lot of knowledge from PETA, and I support them financially, and emotionally. I continue to learn from them via their newsletter.


Along with their sexist douchebaggery. If an intern who is participating in your protest wants to be let out of the saran wrap, you let them out. You don't disrespect women's bodily integrity.

Those who I've heard criticizing peta are not criticizing them for being 'extreme', they get criticized for their lack of ethics, dishonesty and sexism.

Hard to trust the veracity of a website that has zero editors and fact checkers.

Also, I have a problem with a number of policies PETA has publicly fought against. Like non-lethal spaying and neutering of feral cat populations. Even if the allegations of Winograd are false, their record remains spotty even if you don't take into account their horrible sexist behaviors and abuse and not respecting the consent of women.

regardless, thanks for the link. I will be on the look out for more sources on the matter.

PETA does a lot of great work. They are the organization that represents all things positive regarding animals. I disagree with the negativity when it comes to violence against those that wear animals etc. Also I disagree with the use of non vegetarian/vegan celebrity models.

Animals find themselves at the receiving end of PETA's euthanasia services because of one of two circumstances has occurred; PETA's Community Animal Project (CAP) staff has come across a profoundly suffering community animal while performing community outreach duties, or someone within the community has contacted PETA's Norfolk headquarters to request PETA's Emergency Response Team's (ERT) assistance with an profoundly injured, ill, or emotionally-devastated animal. 

You won't find PETA's specialized shelter listed in the Norfolk Yellow Pages. There are no Yellow Page listings for PETA under "humane society," "animal shelter," "animal rescue," or even "euthanasia service," because for PETA, it's not a matter of attracting community animals to their facility, it's about being there for community animals when they need it most, and in ways that matter to each individual animal. Only a fraction of the animals PETA's CAP and ERT teams serve ever enter PETA's facility. The majority are served in their communities, in ways that are meaningful to them. PETA's CAP program isn't just about providing no-cost humane euthanasia to animals who require it. CAP program staff and volunteers provide other types of services to animals struggling in impoverished communities. They make food deliveries, transport animals to veterinarian offices for treatment and pay for their medical care, build and install all-weather animal housing, work with owners to get animals off of chains, and operate free and low-cost spay and neuter clinics throughout their service area.

I have nothing against PETA.  Any good animal or human rights organization is bound to ruffle some feathers.  I grew up in the sixties -  it's just the way we roll.

I'm against PETA because one of their shelters was killing animals and putting the bodies in dumpsters behind other businesses


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