So I'm 17 (female) and I've never really had a boyfriend. Seeing as its kind of around that age and all does anyone see the harm in dating a meat eater? I personally am not sure because I've never had experience with either. I mean it would mean so much if we had the same opinions etc but I just want to know if anyone is or ever has had a non-vegan/vegetarian partner and found it very difficult.

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If you can find an open-minded person that you know you could talk some sense to, that would listen etc , maybe it's even a good thing

Very few people out there are as innocent and soft-hearted as you. If you reject meat because of cruelty, you should know that how cruel the meat-eaters are, and how cruelly and hypocritically they will treat their dating and flirting games. Boys take sex-gratification as a major element in the flirting games while girls blindly long for genuine love. Even like-opinions can be easily made-up and faked.

If you love that guy too much and wish to give him a chance, ask him to change first before you make any commitments. Ask yourself how difficult is it for you to give up your addicted little snack and you'll realize that it is close to impossible for someone to give up his major dining favorites which are already addicted for his life. So make sure his changes are not fake. Self-assertiveness makes you more attractive and popular.

Never date a meat-eater and all problems solved.

my boyfriend eats meat, but i cook and decide where we eat when we are together so we are able to compromise 


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