Hi Guys, 

Would really appreciate if if some of you guys could share some of your favourite vegan recipes. I always make the same things and would really like to try out some new recipes from around the world :) 

I have lot's of recipe books but some of the photos I have seen on this site look sooo scrumptious!! 

Thanks :) 

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hi francesca,

here is one from Sicily :p


it s not really light!!

enjoy it

Wow that looks really good and boy do I love capers :D Thanks much appreciated. 

Hi hi :)   I think I know what you are talking about - when you are newly turned veg(..eterian in my case), your food tends to be little bit the same every time. But here is one delicious salad from Jackie from My Vegan Journal   http://myveganjournal.com/?p=2626    I tried it myself (with some little variations, didn't have all the ingredients) and it was really delicious! Now it's one of my favorites :))

And in general, you will find a lot of wonderful recepes on her blog, just start from newest entries ang go backwards, or check it out in "44 Vegan Lunch Ideas" or "60 Yummi Vegan Coocking Ideas" sections!  Good luck :)


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