Hi All,

Looking to buy my new shoes so browsing the internet, so much vegan choices that I wanted to share, let me know if you know of any other places to search for great vegan shoes for work (office) and for normal life (comfortable) :)





Im in love with thease but cant yet justify the price tag!... Im working on my mind :)


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Hello Jasmine :)

Thanks for sharing those links, I was looking for vegan shoes lately.

I also recommend "Good guys don't wear leather": http://www.goodguys.fr/

And you're right, prices are way too high :/ But still, the shoes are very tempting ;)

Do you know about Vegetarian Shoes?;


I've been wearing their Acme shoes most days for a long time. They are expensive but each pair has lasted for many years;


Hey Jasmine! I am too from the U.K :) This list is great as I am always trying to expand my search on where to buy vegan and ethically produced goods.

I have purchased shoes for the office from here and they were great. I have linked women's shoes where they have heels, flats or boots. Let me know how you get on :) https://veenofs.com/collections/womens-shoes 

Very nice :)


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