Well, I'm not vegan, yet. The one thing I want to know is if there are any somewhat cheap vegan body and bath soaps?

I'm kind of disgusted and don't want to use soap with rendered beef fat in it. It just doesn't seem right and it makes me skin crawl.

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Hey there, the best thing is to find a indian store near you, they have great prices on vegan soaps and spices.

Good Luck :)

Etsy has some fantastic soapmakers on there that sell vegan soap. One in the stores I can think of is dr bronners. I make my own so don't go down that aisle much lol

I use Kiss My Face body wash =) I get it in alot of stores even walmart sometimes has it. Otherwise I can get it online at like veganessentials.com

I LOVE Lush!! Their bath bombs? Amazing. I never want to take a bath that isn't pink again.

Pears Transparent Soap is vegan friendly from what I know. I'm not sure of the availability of it outside the UK however.

Even if you are vegetarian, store soap whould make everyone run screaming. The tallowate that is in soap, is the fat they scrape off the top when do cattle. Its just gross.....I don't care how good oLay or Dove smells......its disgusting..I use an all natural soap.....its actually made here in my home town, I have used it for years....there are MANY veggie soaps.......they range 2.95-6.00 per bar..and the one I use is about 4$ but it last about 60 days so its a good investment..frankly if you don't eat meat, why would you want to bathe with it?

I know what you mean a lot of my soap maker friends love to use lard and tallow, but I will not use it!


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