Yesterday I post a photo to a social media website promoting veganism. I received lots of praise and support but the amount of criticism and hate that came from it was disgusting. I defended myself and what I believe but they just wouldn't listen. None of what I said got through to them. Is there a point where you just give up fighting against people like this? So many of them happened to be "friends" which I have now lost. Is there any advice anyone has to get through to people like this? Or even similar stories. Please share!

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You do not need to argue with them. Those who want to understand, will listen to you. Those who don't want to understand, will never listen to you with the intent to understand, they only listen with the intent to reply, to argue back to you. So please just ignore them.

Just keep promoting veganism, someday, those who want to listen, will understand, and will turn to be a vegan like you too.


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