I have one simple question if someone can explain me because I really do not understand it. I see many people claim they are vegan but they have cat for pet and they buy cats food (meat).

How someone can consider itself vegan if he/she have cat for pet?

Cats cannot survive on vegan diet like dogs.

For cats food something need to die (cow, or some other animal), please dont tell me that this is nature, because it is not. In nature cats dont eat cow, sheep ...

I dont have intention to insult anyone, just want to hear side of story from vegans cats owners.

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For me it's very simple. Cats are natural born meat-eating predators. Nature made them this way and they have an instinctual drive to hunt for food and eat meat. It's their rightful place in the ecosystem to be predators so they can maintain the mice and vermin population down, just like any other meat eating predator. That is their way of life. I believe vegan and vegetarian lifestyles are a way to connect with the balance of nature, and cats play a part in this balance too, even as predators. That's why I think it's okay to own a cat and feed it meat. In any case, there are lots of vegan cat and dog food brands out there that vegans can choose to feed their pets, and they contain all of the nutrients that a cat or dog needs to be healthy. That's always an option, too. But I personally believe that both cats and dogs should be allowed to eat meat, as the natural predators that they are.     

We don't give them Meat. We feed them with Rice and bread, and for protein they hunt themselves.  

Thank you all for answers.

Poonam I am trying to understand your point of view. And I learned something new. :)

vp sasidharan your answer is most natural by my opinion. If you have house and cat can hunt

for itself it is perfectly normal to have it as a pet. Which is not case for cats in buildings (urban environment).

Our home is very close to forest and we have a lot of "animal" members in my family, most of them are rescued. After getting better some leaves some stays. But no one gets meet or fish ( we consider ourselves lucky that we never had to rescue a tiger or leopard ;)  


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