Just wondering how vegans would handle using anything prescriped to them by a doctor.

I have 2 different creams prescriped to me because of my skin condition. If I didn't use them then my skin would become all red and patchy and scaly and it would itch and burn. I also have to take oral medication. Surely these things have been tested on animals, and I wouldn't be suprised if the creams contained animal products.

I've tried using natural products but nothing seems to work, and there is no way around the medication.

So how would you deal with this?

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Why is no one answering this? It's a serious question lol

Difficult one ;)

I can't give you a satisfactory answer but yeah if i apply to me then Except the life saving medicine i would ignore as much i can do . 

I would say that if you use a cream that isn't vegan, then you won't be a strict vegan anymore, but does a title matter to you?  Some vegans will say that you aren't vegans and other vegans will say that you are, but you can't avoid using the cream because you need it as a medicine.  I mean in life, there are lots of things we do which make everyone of us implicated in animal harm.  I think the point is to reduce harm of animals and avoid it if we can.  Personally, I think the labels aren't necessary if they restrict people or create an unrealistic hierarchy in society.

I don't have much idea if there is an alternative and sometimes there is and sometimes there isn't.  That is life on planet earth so I would say be vegan as much as you can be and as much as you want to be.  If anyone judges you it wouldn't be fair because they might be involved in things much much worse, but they will never admit to it.

But, if you can say what the skin condition is, there might be some alternative meds that would help your skin and your other cream would be not needed.  I have just sent information to a friend for a possible cure for Crohn's disease from Tibetan medicine.  Let me know, and I will ask my doctor about your symptoms and he might treat it from the perspective of 5 body elements where one is out of balance.

are you in need of a cure for those ailments for someone? if you really need some ideas from Tibetan medicine, I can ask my doctor any time. I need the symptoms of those diseases because Tibetan medicine works with the symptoms regardless of the condition. Various conditions might have similar symptoms and will be cured in a similar way.

if the person has a doctors report, it is even better to know if the medicine can work. right now I am helping someone in the states to find medicine for Crohn's disease and my doctor is confident that it can actually be cured with a three month course of medicine.

let me know by message if you want me to follow up on this for any particular reason.

Normally, it is easier to diagnosis also in person by checking pulse, but without that, the doctors report will suffice and sometimes can be even more accurate depending on the situation. My doctor appreciates exact diagnosis when technology is used for serious ailments.

^^ Intelligent points, Gerett. There was another post on this, where the woman had to take asthma medicine I believe. Personally, I believe self-preservation comes before all else. We must do what we need to survive, I don't think any rational or half intelligent person would argue otherwise. Veganism has nothing to do with survival, it has to do with eliminating anything we don't need, taking as little from the earth as possible and causing as little harm as possible :) If there are no medical alternatives, it is the government's jobs to apply them to you. I would say, just keep looking for alternatives, but protect your quality of life at the same time. Personally, I was on levothyroxine- not sure if that was vegan- but I stopped taking it when I went vegan. Not because I thought the pills were evil, but because I just didn't need them anymore. How long have you been vegan? It could even, in time, help eliminate this skin condition. So keep looking up :)

Very well stated. We can only do our best, and I respect those individuals who do every ounce possible. It's the people who throw their hands up in the air and give up I shake my head at. To give up on doing all that you can is a very cowardly thing to do, I think. We can only live with the strength at which our compassion drives us. It's fulfilling, and makes walking that path much easier.

yet another way to understand the concept of "ahimsa" is to stop violence or prevent it from happening. this is why that Krishna told Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra that he must fight in the war, rather than to retreat to the forest and meditate. his participation in the war was crucial to stop injustice.

the problem also with this is that these days, the causes of war are so complicated, that one never knows clearly who started it and for what purpose. these days ahimsa in war is very difficult. I think ahimsa in general is difficult, but if we practice it according to our own conduct, it is much easier.

I think people are reluctant to respond as it really is a tricky one. Most of us would have been vaccinated and most vaccines could have been tested on animals or may contain some animal / egg derivative. Does that mean that they are not vegan? What about diabetics. The insulin use to be from pigs. I think it may still be. Often "natural" products contain animal products eg Lanolin.

Me, personally, I would certainly look at vegan options and if they were available use them but if it was a serious health issue, a matter of life and death, severe pain and discomfort I would try and make the best choice available which may not be my preferred option.

I know that is a bit double dutch but you asked and that is the best answer I have.

Sounds like psoriasis, is this what you have? If so, sunlight helps immensely. Even a tanning bed for 10 minutes twice a week works wonders, and doesn't hurt your skin like you would think. 

Personally, I do still take medicines prescribed if I feel I need to. I don't get sick often since going vegan, but when I do get sick enough to need medicine, I take it. I am sure there are no vegan alternatives for the oral medication you are talking about, but there might be one for the creams. Have you checked into it?

If you need the cream, use it. That simple. Folks can say what they want about titles, etc. If the medication is vital to your wellbeing, go for it. You know how you feel about animals. Im sure your positive lifestyle practices around veganism outweigh any negative reaction to you needing and using much needed treatment.

Hi, I'm a new vegetarian. Let me tell you a story; 

Years ago I was working in a dormitory (student owned college house), in Austin, Texas. I was cooking in the kitchen. There was this girl, she was one of the few vegans in the dormitory. She was the first vegan I've met. She told me vegans doesn't eat/use any animal products. She didn't say much about the reason though. I didn't ask either. 

Years later, when I saw videos like farm to fridge , and read some blog posts. I've finally decided to go vegg. First I was really anxious about, eating out, the budget, my families reaction, but I've never worried about my health. Cause the only vegan I met, was one of the heathiest people I know. She's even patricipated in a half marathon.

In summary, I believe, vegans should look as healthy as possible. They are the represantatives of an important idea. I'm sure one day at least one meat-eater change her/his mind remembering you :)

my daughter has just shown me ur post and i fully empathise.  i have a chronic condition which, without medication, would leave me in unbearable acute and chronic pain 24/7 unable to sit/stand or lay down and unable to walk, or complete any personal care and even get to the loo without alot of help.

i take a total of 9 different medications a day and all but 2 contain gelatin and all have other animal byproducts. i  follow a strict vegan diet but i have no choice with these meds as there are no alternatives available at the current time and believe me, i have also tried alternatives.

 for me there is no choice but to accept that to have any quality of life i will be on these meds for the rest of my life and continue to apply the vegan choices to the parts of my life that i can control and accept that sometimes there are things that we cannot change or control

i hope this helps 


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