Just wondering how vegans would handle using anything prescriped to them by a doctor.

I have 2 different creams prescriped to me because of my skin condition. If I didn't use them then my skin would become all red and patchy and scaly and it would itch and burn. I also have to take oral medication. Surely these things have been tested on animals, and I wouldn't be suprised if the creams contained animal products.

I've tried using natural products but nothing seems to work, and there is no way around the medication.

So how would you deal with this?

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Talk to staff at a compounding pharmacy and see if they can put the drug in a delivery form acceptable to you. 

As a medical assistant, I would encourage you to take whatever medication your doctor asks you to take.. It is not unreasonable to ask the doctor for options that does not include animal testing or meds with animal products in it. 


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