Just curious,
What are your opinions on being vegan and smoking weed?
I feel as though there shouldn't really be a problem because if you know where you're marijuana comes from, it shouldn't have any chemicals or other things added to it.
Then again, it all depends on what YOU believe and why you are vegan. If you do it for health reasons, I'm sure you're against inhaling any smoke into your lungs. But if it's for the animals, what harm can it do?

Not too serious of a question, just wondering what people think. Also, this isn't about disliking marijuana so if you just want to bash on it please don't bother commenting.
Thanks :)

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I've done it, it's not my thing but I am not against it. I smoke tobacco though.

Im all about the hemp! If we built more homes and made our paper supplies out of hemp, that would be much better for the enviroment. As far as smoking it, I have no problem, but it does make me tired and hungry all the time lol. There is so much research being done that says it cures cancer too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xh2qd_foV-4&feature=youtube_gda...


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