Hi guys,

I would like to thnk you in advance for your help.

I have done an hormonal profiling and it turns out that the hormon strogen is too high. After that they have adviced me to have 5 weeks of protein + fat (like avocado & nuts). Fruits and vegetables are not allowed in these 5 weeks.

In protein they have listed meat/fish/kwark and not much more. I should leave aside soja products as these stimulates the production of strogen. 

My question then is......what other options do I have than eating kwark, eggs and nuts for 5 weeks?

The advisor is super focussed in eating meat and she wants to talk me into it, which wont happen. I think that eating veggies + fat (not fries and so, but what I commented above) should be ok if I avoid 100% carbs. 

Do you have some advice??? Thanxx.

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Beans, legumes, chickpeas and dark green leafy vegetables :D

Thank you Anabella, I will considerer it!!

try this link with a list of protein from no-meat sources:    http://www.vrg.org/nutrition/protein.php

Thank you very much, very helpful!!!  Its a bit difficult to find out which are the veggies with less carbs, but with this list its really not anymore :-)


Try SunWarrior sprouted brown rice.  A scoop is almost 20 grams of protein and is easily mixed with water or rice milk.  It's incredibly healthy and does't have many carbs. Or you can add flax, chia seeds or ground up coconut and a banana for full meal.  The flax helps because it has a lot of fiber so I think it helps digest and move the protein through your digestive system. Tastes great alone or with the other ingredients. I have this every day! 

Hemp protein is good, high fiber too.

Spirulina Seaweed; Protein, Vitamin, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium..



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