Can vegetarians go fishing ?

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I would have to say NO... I suppose it depends on why you choose to be vegetarian. I'm vegetarian because i hate the thought of any animal suffering. Some choose to be veg for health reasons only and will still eat fish :/

Many years ago before i became veg i went fishing with my ex and his mum it felt wrong right from the start even putting the poor little worm on the hook :( So after a little while i caught one and it was HORRIBLE it's big sad eyes looking at me i started crying and took it off the hook and threw it back in but on the way back in it hit the side of the river bank. It did swim off but to this day i still think about what happened to it and feel so shit, really who the hell did i think i was, doing that to a poor little fish.

So really i don't see the difference between fishing or hunting either way you are taking an innocence life.

Yes, that's the point! Subject is animals! Included fish, cow, rabbit, doesn't matter. We must be stop pains of animals!

We have to respect to all creatures!

In my personal opinion, no. Like Volts said, it depends upon your reason for being vegetarian. If you're against animal cruelty, fishing as a sport isn't quite "kosher". I can't imagine getting a hook through your mouth and then being yanked up into the air to suffocate is very humane.

I would suggest finding an alternative activity to enjoy the outdoors.  I used to be an avid hunter which occurred every fall.  Now I get to hunt year round since I got rid of my guns and purchased photography equipment.  I enjoy my outdoors time so much more now.

^ That is a beautiful thing to read.

Really a "vegetarian" can go fishing, but I wouldn't consider them a real vegetarian."Catch and release" fishing can still cause the fish to die, and if they don't, it's still unnecessary pain. It would be the same if a vegetarian participated in clubbing baby seals.

Well, clearly they can; but personally, I certainly would not. I'm vegetarian for ethical reasons: I want no part of the death, mutilation, and abuse of animals for the sake of stuffing my gaping maw. Fishing is at least one of the three; usually all of them.

If someone is vegetarian strictly for health reasons or such, I'd imagine they'd have no such ethical concerns.

no no no no

What do you mean, Can vegetarians go fishing? You can do whatever the hell you want to do. Don't feel like you have to fit into some cookie cutter lifestyle. If you want to catch fish and throw them back, do it. If you want to eat the little B@$T@&#$, eat them. If you feel bad about "hurting" them then leave there @$$ alone. It's simple, don't complicate your life.

With the way the river lakes and ponds are here, there is a few spots were you can go and feed the ducks with bread and ive carried a bottle of fish food to feed the fish, less gear to carry and the son loved it growing up.


I couldn't and couldn't be with a partner that fished either

Since I was younger i always fished, and I feel in love with it until I realized how cruel it was to the poor animal. Since then I've adapted how I do things. I took the hook OFF of my line, and just tied pieces of bread onto the line, so I'm feeding the fish and still get the experience of fishing without any of the cruelty that normal fishing involves. 


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