I just read somewhere that being vegetarian is a sin. The writer said that the animals were created in this world to act as a source of food. WTF!! 

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LOL really? That sounds insane.. Course whatever religion he is, I bet there is scripture which counteracts his claims. I know in the Christian Bible, there are plenty of passages which clearly state that consuming blood and meat is a sin, and to eat vegetables (though there are conflicting passages). I would LOVE to hear this person's logic behind this, LOL. Same logic that goes behind people having 20 kids because it's a sin to have sex and not procreate.

Hi Lauren thanks for enlightening me on what you know the bible to say, being someone who was brought up but now has kinda made his own mind up and grown apart from being a roman catholic and its writings many years ago in my teens, im now having debats ;) with religious people & friends who have good hearts but who still believe that the bible says eating/slaughtering animals is 'gods' word and is part of the the great way of being...heehee sorry but i dont agree and im sure many veggie/vegans dont neither, so Lauren can you clarify where in the bible i can find some definative words on this ?, Thanks for any feedback everybody Ya'All, Bless :)

Personally, I don't think the Bible says much about being vegetarian.  Paul says it is not what goes in the mouth but what comes out.

I know that words written in Greek and Hebrew weren't properly translated into English and many times "meat" is referring to "food," which didn't necessarily mean the "flesh of an animal".

Romans speaks about not eating meat/ drinking wine so as not to make your brother stumble. Which shows it is not a "sin" to be vegetarian. (As: the person in front of me is, and I should be respectful and not eat it so as not to make him stumble, so there is a sort of protection there.)

Adam and Eve were vegetarians/ vegans.

Paul is a man, not God, and God specifically says which meats/ animals are clean and which are unclean.

I just read it. It is very interesting indeed! Thanks for the suggestion Rebekka.

Very interesting thank you will post on my facebook.

Thank you for sharing this.  

Spartan, there is a great book written by Sir Lawrence Gardner a historian who researched the finding of the dead sea scrolls and tablets, he explains in depth the misinterpretaions of the Catholic church in order to suppress women from having power in society.


This should catch you interest!
She puts it really well! And the exact part that she mentions in the bible really is there word for word, i checked myself

Yeeep, there are indeed those contradictory parts of the Bible regarding meat and vegetarianism. I don't have any passages on hand and they are few. Most passages left about avoiding meat are in the books deemed "heretical" by the Church in the Council of Nicaea, trying to cover something up perhaps? hehe

Writers are writers because they write. Writers most of the times write absurd stuffs, and here's one example. "WTF!! Retard" are right words for them.


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