I just read somewhere that being vegetarian is a sin. The writer said that the animals were created in this world to act as a source of food. WTF!! 

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So many gods and faiths, that it´s hard to say if an action is sin or not - check http://www.godchecker.com/ for a funny overview on gods.

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Jens Peter

Killing animals for Dairy products or eggs is just as much a 'sin' as meat-so vegetarians need to stop sinning and go Vegan!

Ldev perhaps you are unaware of farm co-ops and dairy shares wherin different kinds of people, (many vegetarians) who do not harm or wish harm on any animal, invest in and pay for the maintenance, feeding, houseing, and milk of cows who do not end up being killed.  The cows are not under stress or diress and they are not-overworked.  The living conditions are beyond excellent where the animals can roam and graze giving you a new perspective on free-range.  These co-ops and farms are small but nationwide you just have to look for them, or be fortunate to live near one.  The same is true for eggs.  I personally know my egg lady (she delivers the eggs to the health food store where I work) and she cares for her chickens better than most parents I've seen with their own children...her eggs are good and there is no killing of the male chicks.   These animals live long lives and are not killed. Remember that this forum is called Vegetarian Friend.  You're going to have a rough time convincing people here with your statement about vegetarians being the same as those who eat meat.  It's just a silly statement and maybe a little offensive to some.  I hear where your intention lies: compassion, non-cruelty and in this I think we are all of one mind and that is that killing period is intollerable  However you need to be  better-informed as to the scope of practices of the diverse vegetarian communities as well as to the possibility in this day and age of being a compassionate lacto-ovo vegetarian (who may also enjoy local honey from compassionate apiarists).  It is not easy but it exists...people have been doing it for a while now.

I knew the statement was stupid and silly, and didn't really wanna reply. if ldev thinks, veganism is any better, think about the insects that are killed. think about the rain forests that are destroyed for soy, these arguments can go on forever. so stop your bs and holier than thou attitude against vegetarians.

Point out the existence of Seventh Day Adventists. All of whom are very strictly vegetarian.

It's a sin to hurt another living creature. Cruelty is a sin!
I am a vegan Christian and I want to share what I understand to be true about animals. They were created in the garden of Eden to be companions and to make man happy. There was no pain or death in the garden. Man did not kill animals and animals did not kill each other. Originally man and all other beings were vegan/vegetarian. Sadly, man sinned and was kicked out of the garden and a curse was on the land. God told them to kill an animal and sacrifice it to get atonemment for their sins. Fast forward time and now the earth is destroyed by a flood. This is the first time God gave humans permission to eat animals because all of the vegetation was stripped from the earth in the flood. Man had to eat animals to survive. Now most of us have the resources to go back to God's original plan and be vegan/vegetarian. We don't live in a perfect world yet, but I believe we should try our best to make it as perfect as possible...and in perfection there is no death or pain.
My family is very religious and always bombard me with the explanation that animals were created for our survival! Do you by chance have a specific verse or passage I can quote them? I have always just used the "Thou shalt not kill." and "Do unto others..." Super helpful, thanks!
please read the replies in this discussion. you will find the.passages you are looking for.

i call bs!

Now I am an atheist, but if you will all refer to your bibles... Ok, now go to Genesis. Allright. See, the garden of Eden, how God created man to be, is a vegetarian paradise. Now close you bible, and go outside. 

If that was the case, why would our bodies be biologically vegetarian???  Yes, they are.


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