I just read somewhere that being vegetarian is a sin. The writer said that the animals were created in this world to act as a source of food. WTF!! 

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Since you won't bother to quote what I said...it is hard for me to find something specifically to respond to since your points aren't focused on what I said directly enough, but I will respond as best as I can in a general way to what you said.

1. Sure Gnostics can have a direct commune with the divine and I have no objection to that.  But if a Gnostic tries to say that they are more enlightened than other people, I consider that a red flag danger sign.  I had responded earlier to you saying you had a higher spiritual revelation than others. I just think it is a bad idea to make such a claim.

2. The Buddha did not get up in people's faces and say he was better than they are.  He sat their and taught and people listened if they wanted to. It was as simple as that. He didn't get angry at people if they did not agree with him and threaten to cut his friendship and contact with people like you are doing with me.

3.  You have met weirdoes here?  Isn't that calling the tea kettle black?  You are the only one on this whole site claiming enlightenment. At least I have not met anyone saying that outwardly, but you are right that some people do get a bit self righteous.  The last I remembered, you were friends with those people. I don't know how you get along with them.  It would be like enlightenment wars I guess.

So good luck on your journey.  I have met at least some nice people on this site, so sorry that it didn't work out for you. I guess if you stayed around someone might actually agree with you.  Its between you and them really. I don't need to be part of that picture.

You spoke of my "authority"; all I did was state that I was not a 'believer', which is what ordinary Church folks are.

The authority that I spoke of that you presented was far before you restated your last version of what you are merely trying to say. It was a reference to your argument about what the meaning of "can" was in the Bible and that you as a Supreme Esoteric knows and what others like me don't know.  Sorry but you are getting way to egotistic here for my taste.

I am very sorry you do not like what the Gnostic tradition says, and you may not like the tradition, but that is just how it is.

Actually, I do like what the Gnostic tradition says, but you may not like that I have my own understanding of it and I don't take you as my teacher.  I am really sorry about that and I am even more sorry that you try to talk down to me.

If you recall, you called me out, not the other way around. I had never called you out on this forum before, and you didn't even understand what I was saying.

Actually, I guess you just wish you could recreate reality, huh?  I never called you out wrongly on anything.  You debated with me about the meaning of "Can" in the Bible without any regard for grammar or common sense and used your own sense of things to paint your own picture on the Bible. I just simply politely disagreed with your interpretation and you went on to proclaim yourself as an ascended master who knows things and others do not.  So yes, I pointed out that your path is not mine and I won't be  your follower.  If you call that wrong to call you out, so be it. If I had a dime for every ascended master I met, I would be a millionaire and have no time to particpate in this forum.  So you are just one of many brother.

I don't know much about actual Buddhist practices, but I would think that a 'real' Buddhist would be the first to believe in personal enlightenment, so I am sorry you don't.

You are really good at making believe you know what people believe and don't believe and I will just leave it at that.

We are here to offer that to those who are able to take it, not to think we are better than them.

Ummm.....riiiiight....beam me up Gerret?

I do not think I am better, I am trying to lend a deeper understanding to a misunderstood exoteric tradition,

You might want to adjust your language if you don't want to seem better than other people who talk with you.  Just a suggestion.

and as we have always been, we are hated and persecuted.

wow, your group must have had a tough life here among us earthlings, huh?  you and the raelians.

Good luck on your path to ascension 'friend', it may take a few more reincarnations for you.

I really really doubt you will get any followers on this forum if you talk like that to me or anyone.  does it excite you to think you are better than others and then quickly deny it? 

by the way, weren't you supposed to block this fruity site? coming back for more?  no people outside of here to save?

being vegetarian is NOT a sin. i believe that it was a bias point of view. of course, if you read the bibles and other scriptures, you may find that "GOD" urges us to eat meat. but i have read else where that it is a misinterpretation where the bible may of stated (i am only saying this in my own word and hope that any christian's and religious people may forgive me) that what jesus ate during his last supper was in fact not meat but something that looks/taste like meat. in noahs ark, that god did not tell noah to save the animals to become food but to allow life to continue after the great flood. in the garden of eden, adam and eve did not eat meat, and were in my opinion, vegetarians/vegans as there was no meat and i also believe that god forbade killing and such so, i believe that they never consumed any meat at all.

i believe that the bible did not really mean that we eat animal meat, but rather the fruits and vegetables and that the meats that the bible mentioned of were in fact "vegetarian meat" made of soy beans or similar products. its only my opinion and i believe that it is only a misconception and misinterpretation of the bible and scriptures that causes people to eat animal meat rather than vegetarian meat. be those who eat animal meats rather than being vegetarians and vegans. i just think its up to us to decide what we believe in, in what we eat, and urge others to become vegetarians to allow all of us to live a healthier life.

God gave us the healthiest way to eat in Genesis 1:29.  After sin....He allowed men to eat meat,  After the flood...perhaps there was not enough vegetation around...just my thoughts.  It is not a spiritual issue...but it is a health issue. There was a reason He said not to eat unclean animals....not because spiritually they are bad...but health wise....their purpose here is to filter the land.  That is why they digest food differently....sweat differently...etc.  I think the meat of today..is not the meat of yesteryears.......the farm factory meat is loaded with chemicals, abx, dyes....etc........If you are a Christian who believes in eating meat...the "Makers Diet" is a great book......I read it years ago....and it started me on my quest for health.

lol, i also agree with you on your point, but i guess it mainly depends on ones personal opinion and beliefs. yes, the bible may have and probably did state it, but it MAY have been some sort of misconception and as i may say "lost in translation", where the ACTUAL details may have been mistranslated or such when the bible was being written or something like that.

i read a few articles and such about religions and vegetarianism/vegan, but those were from a while ago. I would like to share those articles and such with everyone but unfortunately, i do not know where to find those again. and some were from discussions with all my vegetarian friends where they have also contributed their thoughts about it. and also, my apologies, i am not a christian. i have talked to many vegetarians and non-vegetarians of both christian and non-christian backgrounds, and also those of other religious backgrounds. and many have said different things about it, but none negative. 

i was bought up in a vegetarian family since birth and in a environment where i don't eat meat and with many other friends who also live in this vegetarian/vegan life. it was mainly a choice which i continued to follow, and my belief that being a vegetarian is much better, and that for me, "to live my life, i must not take the lives of others".

thanks SRene, that was the most coherent plug for Christianity that I have read on VF so far. it sounds like you know your stuff.

Beautifully said!

God gives us everything we need to thrive both physically and spiritually. What we do with that information is on us.

Of course its not a sin, no such thing.  Just what someone has written in a book.

The only passage in the Bible which I could understand how someone would confuse as an endorsement for eating animals is in Acts 11:7.  However, like much of the Bible, this verse is taken out of context.  This is God telling Peter to eat an "unclean" animal.  It is not an endorsement of flesh-eating, but God telling Peter that the laws have been fulfilled by Jesus -- therefore, he should not be bound by the law.

Next time a Christian tells you that eating veg*n is wrong, tell them they are sinning by washing their hands prior to eating.  In Luke 11:38, Jesus does not wash his hands.  He does this, to again, show fulfillment of the law.

If not eating meat is a sin, then so is washing your hands before a meal!

disclaimer: I am not a Christian, I just read.

This is God telling Peter to eat an "unclean" animal.  It is not an endorsement of flesh-eating, but God telling Peter that the laws have been fulfilled by Jesus -- therefore, he should not be bound by the law.

There are a few places in the Bible basically saying that the law of the New Covenant are higher than other laws and so that is why that eating flesh is really not a sin in the Bible. I feel pretty certain about that.  I don't think it is necessary to make believe that the Bible is against eating meat when it is not.  I consider killing an animal to be a sin more than eating it and the Bible does proclaim, thous shalt not kill.

The Buddha also spoke of it not being sinful to eat meat, but that our actions are what make a defilement.  It is similar to what the apostle Paul said when he says it is not what goes in the mouth, but what comes out.

I think we need to concentrate on the ethics of preserving life and not killing it rather than worry much about what people eat.  Stopping the killing will be much faster and save people from real sin than boycotting meat products because there will always be people who will still kill animals and eat them.  The consumer angle is quite minor considering that people won't change their diets very quickly, but we can ask them not to support animal murder.  That takes shutting down slaughter houses first, especially ones that treat animals worse and use hormones to produce meat and milk.

Nice said ^


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