I just read somewhere that being vegetarian is a sin. The writer said that the animals were created in this world to act as a source of food. WTF!! 

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I really dont think so. I believe u have to believe in what u do. So one must beileve in the fact vegetarianism is the right thing to do. If one can save lives (of animals) by turning into a veg why not make efforts to do that.Its a great thing to do we can hear a silent scream. Afterall who is not afraid of death. And we commit a sin on the other hand by putting animals through it.

There is nothing in a Christian Bible that implies Man "must" eat meat and to understand the passages that discuss food consumption, one must actually read the Bible because in doing so, they'll understand they are free to interpret what God is truly asking of them. 

We're charged with being the best we can be only; no more, no less. We are not all the same and only those actively seeking salvation through Christ can interpret what their own paths are. The Bible is a tool and gives us all the information needed to find our way. How we interpret that information and apply it to our lives is up to us as individuals.

People will make up whatever they want in order to justify the things that they already do. Claiming that not eating meat is a sin because the bible says (regardless of what it actually says or doesn't say) is just an easy way to say "Don't criticize me! The bible said so!" They are not eating meat because the bible said to, they are eating meat first and then searching for justification second.

Sin doesn't exist. Fuck religion. Amen.

"God put man into a garden -- not a slaughterhouse" -- Ron Aragon Two things did not exist before Eve was tricked into eating of the wrong tree (there was an alternate called the Tree of LIFE!!!) -- one was sin, and the other DEATH, so you couldn't eat an animal because it could not die. God told Adam and Eve that if they ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil -- they would surely die. The alternative is that they would not die, so they would have lived forever -- and continued to be Vegetarian (Vegan actually). God gave them animal skins to wear -- ONLY after the fall. Before that, they were naked and didn't need clothing.

One time, I was visiting my cousins and my uncle tried to convince me that God put animals down here for us to eat. Shortly afterwards, I saw this online, "If God had really put animals down here for us to eat, don't you think he wouldn't have given them the ability to feel pain and fear?" I REALLY wish I had seen this sooner so I could relay it to my uncle.


if one reads the bible coherently there are many pro animal qoutes, genesis 129 is one =]


I have studied the Bible in depth and no where does it say thou shalt not eat vegetables, esp.not in the Top 10. Animalx were NOT created for us to eat them. We only started eating them AFTER Adam nd Eve ate from the tree. The re are guidelines on not eating some animals and not eat meats with certain foods. One thing that IS in the Bible and came from Jesus himself, Judge not, lest.ye be judged. For what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged....matthew 7....IDK why it seems all christians forget that one. I am not trying to preach, but to hand out some ammo, lol ;)

I think what u said is exactly right loulou, well said =).  I am catholic btw.

I am a Christian and a Bible scholar. God put man into a garden -- not a slaughterhouse!  Adam and Eve ate from "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" even though God had told them before hand that what? (they would surely die!). Had they eaten from "the tree of life" instead, guess what?!  Before they disobeyed God, there was NO sin OR death including that for every living creature on earth. You cannot eat a creature that cannot die!  That would be cruel and unusual punishment -- not to mention very hard on ones tail end on the exit phase of that scenario.

please read the book of Daniel in the bible for I know and believe being a vegetarian is not a sin


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