Hi all, this is my first real discussion post, and I have a question for the vegfriend community.

Becoming a vegetarian hasn't been too hard in terms of transition to a non-meat dietary lifestyle, however one of the hardest parts about being a vegetarian is how meat eaters react to your decision and what is even harder for myself is the noticing the lack of empathy some meat eaters can have when it comes to animal welfare. For example, at my workplace (I work in a restaurant, which I cannot stand) the cook and I were having a discussion and my manager walked up and starting blabbing to everyone I was a vegetarian. It is not that I keep it a secret, if someone asks me I am more than happy to have a friendly discussion about my diet. I don't like telling everyone I meet just because not everyone is open minded and receptive, and I believe work is not really the place to get into a heated discussion about my lifestyle. The cook started talking about how vegetarians eat chicken and fish, so I politely corrected him on the terminology and definition and told him that chickens and fish are some of the most abused and mistreated animals on the planet. I offered to send him some videos on the subject and he then told me, and I quote, "I have already seen a lot of that stuff, it doesn't phase me". I feel my relationship with this person is now damaged, as seeing footage of mistreated animals changed me as a person. 

Does anyone else know what I am talking about? Are some relationships damaged between yourself and new/old friends because of some their attitudes towards animal welfare, or do you think I am just being melodramatic? How do others deal with this lack of empathy?

I would really love to hear peoples thoughts and opinions on the matter, but please try to remain respectful :)

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ur awesum

Be careful about becoming one-sided yourself.  That is, if you don't want your own life to be hell.

Hi Chris,

This will happen a lot. People just act like that to something different that they don't know and somehow feel threatened on their basics lifetime knowledge.

It will turn even harder when you go the next step, if you are an animal lover and care for them, when you go VEGAN. Then even more people will react like that.

in my case, it even change my way I interact with people. For example, I just ended a 3 month new relationship with this girl, she was a chicken/fish eater, because I realized that I don't really want to be with her because, as she denies to read and be informed about what s really happening on animal farms and animals rights, she just says "I prefer not to know " .. well the I realized I don't respect her any more.


Humans are extremely smart animals.  They do not give up their food easily, either.  I don't know what else to say, but, "That's life."  

Yeah,but who told them animals were for their food?

Not my life. Animals are not here to eat.

The people who are complacent are the worst. "I don't wanna know" equals, "I don't wanna give up what's convenient." 

I know what you mean about being vegan. I was having a conversation with a family member a few months ago and when they found out my boyfriend became a vegetarian a few weeks after me, they accused me of "forcing" him into my lifestyle. I explained that they were wrong and when my boyfriend tried to defend me they family member in question said something along the lines of "Oh, well I guess your going more vegan than him" and gave me this look like I was a freak or something. It hurt, a lot. 

I understand that loss of connection with someone after you find out their views on animal welfare are not the same as yours and I am sorry it didn't work out. My boyfriend became exposed to the animal cruelty footage through me and he became a vegetarian because, in my opinion, it is the only logical choice (before veganism of course). 

That's well said :) The only logical choice for animal lovers, I wish you luck. Listen to Rodrigo, not any nit wit who would discourage you. They don't like what you represent, makes them feel insecure.

Good for you!

go vegan

Hell yes, Vegan for the win ;)!


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