Hi all, this is my first real discussion post, and I have a question for the vegfriend community.

Becoming a vegetarian hasn't been too hard in terms of transition to a non-meat dietary lifestyle, however one of the hardest parts about being a vegetarian is how meat eaters react to your decision and what is even harder for myself is the noticing the lack of empathy some meat eaters can have when it comes to animal welfare. For example, at my workplace (I work in a restaurant, which I cannot stand) the cook and I were having a discussion and my manager walked up and starting blabbing to everyone I was a vegetarian. It is not that I keep it a secret, if someone asks me I am more than happy to have a friendly discussion about my diet. I don't like telling everyone I meet just because not everyone is open minded and receptive, and I believe work is not really the place to get into a heated discussion about my lifestyle. The cook started talking about how vegetarians eat chicken and fish, so I politely corrected him on the terminology and definition and told him that chickens and fish are some of the most abused and mistreated animals on the planet. I offered to send him some videos on the subject and he then told me, and I quote, "I have already seen a lot of that stuff, it doesn't phase me". I feel my relationship with this person is now damaged, as seeing footage of mistreated animals changed me as a person. 

Does anyone else know what I am talking about? Are some relationships damaged between yourself and new/old friends because of some their attitudes towards animal welfare, or do you think I am just being melodramatic? How do others deal with this lack of empathy?

I would really love to hear peoples thoughts and opinions on the matter, but please try to remain respectful :)

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My old girlfriend was that way, and people respected her for it.

Completely.  I try not to let it get to me, but it does.

I always say I feel completely alone.  I do not understand why no one else feels the same.  Some, who know whats going on and don't care, or even those who refuse to know what is going on completely because its too "difficult" to even hear.  To me, if you cannot find out what they actually live through and experience, then you have no right to let them die for you.

My fiance is a meat eater - and my two children are vegetarian with me.  I've shown him videos but he still eats meat.  I watched half of earthlings with him and plan on finishing it when we have time next.  He already said it would be easier for the children if he went vegetarian and he thinks all of this is cruel and wrong.  I think its just a matter of time, and he'll come around.

But yes, someone on facebook posted, "Animal Lover" image of a cat and I said, "It should say, "Pet Lover".  I don't believe you can be an animal lover and still eat them...

So, I try to dismiss it, but when I see them carving the turkey, or eating a steak, I cannot help but feel horrible for the poor creature that once was... And when they talk about how delicious it is, I can't help but slightly hate them in the back of my mind for not caring at all what the animal went through to get there and actually was murdered in the end for them to eat it.

There are so many substitutes now-a-days...

You sound like me when I see other people eat meat, and talk of how delicious it is. They say a pig has the average intelligence of a 3 year old human, so when I see a big slab of pork on the table at Christmas time I think to myself "that could be a human toddler you are all celebrating over". To me it is the same thing, humans are meat as well right? People call me dramatic, but it just how I feel about meat. And yes! There are many alternatives and substitutes for meat, it has never been easier to convert your diet to a veggie one!

I also understand the whole "pet lover" vs. "animal lover" thing. I love cats and dogs, but I also love every other creature. Mind you, the cook I was talking about in my original post was sitting in the staff room with all the other employees that were on for the night, and I mentioned my dog (who recently died from old age) was unwell. One of the employees mentioned a dog disease called parvo was affecting dogs in my area. I explained that I had taken my dog to vet and he was negative for parvo, but then cook said "I just wish parvo would kill all those feral dogs that are around the mall". My heart almost stopped. How can someone be so heartless?

That is exactly my argument... Heartless.  Honestly...

How can you know that is going on, and just be "whatever" about it?  And this is just one of many reasons to be vegetarian...

@.@  Bah!  It may be relieving to talk a bit about it here, but honestly, at the same time it makes me feel even more alone.

I felt extremely alone after the first half of Earthlings.  I just cannot get over the fact that no one, NO ONE, around me cares... v.v  *sigh*

I am vegan. I have been on a vegetarian road for about 25 years. I appreciate,and understand what you said. My family,friends and  ex boyfriends have all been meat eaters. It is so hard to continuosly have to explain and educate. I love all animals,and yes it is difficult to listen to the idle stupidity that people babble about food. So many options out there without killing an animal. Stay strong,and keep up the fight for Animal Rights.They only have us..

i dont know why but my dad never liked it when i became a veggie and he always on about how humans have to eat and they been eating animals since dawn of time and all that  and its circle of life and all that  and i used to know someone who was convinced she was veggie even though she ate fish and birds and people always seem to want to argue about it with you and are determined to prove to you that eating meat is ok   and being a veggie is wrong  also some members of family seem to want to make jokes about it every time they see me and annoy me by putting either cooked or raw meat in my face and i hate the smell i nearly be sick when they do it and they always saying stuff like well what do you eat then when i say if i dont like something they are convinced that because im veggie i will like pasta they are meat eaters and there are meat they dont like just as i dont like some veggie food its not my fault i just never liked it but i will eat pretty much anything else thats veggie  i sometimes have an answer for them if they ask questions but i sometimes dont know what to say or i have told them all before that im just too tired to tell them again why i dont eat meat 

I would just say, "If you wanna know why I am veg?  Watch Earthlings for yourself, and you'll see..."

Just because people have been doing it for a long time, doesn't mean its right.  That's the whole, "Well, everybodies doing it..." philosophy everyone tells you not to follow anyway.

There are tons of reasons to be veg.

And honestly... if anyone DARED do that to me, I would say something rude, and walk away - and never go back.  My father isn't all supportive about it, and neither is my fiance's mother.  But they don't shove meat in our face.  If anyone tried to even come near me with a slab...  I already have enough built up anger towards people who eat meat (that I try to keep back, but its honestly piling up).

I know exactly what you mean and feel the same way. ON the very day that I transitioned from vegetarian to vegan I found my first crush on Facebook. After having wonderful conversations initially I then noticed in his photo albums that he hunts. I never knew that. I discussed the cruelty,he was not interested,we no longer now talk.

In general though I have a disgust for people who eat animals and feel no sense of moral injustice about their plight,but I am not interested in such barbaric friends anyway.

No offense, but idealism has it limits.  Believe me, I've taken it there.  It is nice to keep an open mind.  I know there is a cost in blood, but there are costs to "perfection," as well.

Good fortune in your eating habits.  This has been my message of temperance. ;)))

I get disgusted by a lack of compassion too, Cat Bunny. Don't let anyone tell you that you deserve less than a partner you're comfortable with, either. Many veggies refuse to date non veggies, a hunter especially is a little much- they're actively enjoying the murder. Others have the excuse of being disconnected. I actually, this month, had the same exact experience. Except I mentioned I was vegan and he starts going off about hunting. Made me facepalm.

Honestly, I could never date anyone who went hunting or fishing. It goes against everything in me and I agree, I am just not interested in being friends with anyone who think it is a good idea to hunt animals for sport.

That's well said xo I feel the same way.


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