The Buddha lists several reasons for not eating meat:

Present-day animals may have been one's kin in the past.
One's own parents and relatives may in a future life be born as an animal.
There is no logic in exempting the meat of some animals on customary grounds while not exempting all meat.
Meat is impure as it is always contaminated by body wastes.
The prospect of being killed spreads terror amongst animals.
All meat is nothing other than carrion (decaying flesh or like “road kill” in modern terms).
Meat eating makes the consumer to be cruel and sensual.
Man is not a carnivore by nature.

All very interesting. But still Buddhism has more of meateaters than vegetarians or vegans as its followers... why would that be ?

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you are right. May be its followers are just blindly following someone, failing to  understand the essence of what Buddha said.


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