do you think they have the right to live?share with us your thoughts..

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As long as they don't harm me, I will harm them not. With that being said, I have no qualms in killing insects like termites which bite through my house, mosquitoes and cockroaches. I try to keep my house clean to avoid vermin and killing insects though.

Mojo, I agree with you. I have a very difficult time with ants. When they cover your whole counter there is no humane way to get rid of them. Any suggestions? Thanks for writing! I want to visit your land badly!

I wonder this too because although I am a new vegan, I can't help but find cockroaches in my kitchen heinous.

I hate it and avoid it whenever possible.  I have a medium-sized spider which lives in a corner of my kitchen window, and I have no problem with that.

On the other hand, I awakened four weeks ago to a ceiling covered in caterpillars and tiny moths. The problem was a storage container full of black oil sunflower seeds and thistle seeds for my bird feeder.

I scattered the horrifically infested seeds under the bird feeder. I dust busted anywhere in the house where they may have been.  I love all of God's critters. but I don't want them sharing my living quarters.

Now I have to buy more sunflower and thistle seeds and store them in a container with no holes.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't want to share my house with insects and critters!


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